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Want a tattoo? You're not alone!

Tattoos have become more widely accepted in the United States over the years, but they’ve been previously condemned. Despite their growing popularity, society still looks down upon those with tattoos, discriminating against those with visible ones for job interviews, etc. Why is that?

Tattooing is an art form. It’s another way to express yourself, just like wearing that perfect vintage skirt or your grandma’s old pearls. The only difference is that it’s permanent.

I suppose the reason why people look down upon tattoos is the fact that a poor decision on a design could affect someone for the rest of his/her life, but that’s why being smart about what you’re putting on your body is key!

If you’re thinking of getting a tattoo, I would recommend having a friend draw or stencil it on your body in the place you’d want it. You could walk around sporting your new design, and, if after a week you still love it, then it’s probably right for you! If you decide, though, that you hate it, then you dodged a bullet. Yay!

If this is your first tattoo, and you’re not sure about the placement of it, I would recommend getting one in a “hidden” area, i.e. your hip, your ribs, etc. Sure, it’ll be seen at the beach or by someone you’re intimate with, but for the most part I’d call these areas the more “conservative” places for tattoos. However, if you’re ready to show off your favorite song lyrics or a symbol that means the world to you, feel free to get it on your arms, legs, or other noticeable spots!

I think tattoos are beautiful. I think they are simply a way to express yourself — what you love, where you’ve been, and where you’re going. Your body can be a journal for memories, if you’d like it to be.

Let’s slash the stigma of tattooing one stick ‘n’ poke at a time. One day, it’s going to be incredibly normal to have tattoos. But, for now, I kind of like the unconventionality of having one.

Have a tattoo idea? Need advice? Head on over to Hey! VINA to gauge some second opinions on a choice of a lifetime!

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