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Hello Ladies,

They say that if your dreams don’t scare you, then your dreams aren’t big enough and ‘they’ might be right. So ditch the FOMO and embrace that YOLO. If you have a hobby that keeps you up at odd hours, if you have a passion that borderlines on obsession, if you feel like you’ve found your calling and all that you’re missing is the capital, the connections, or the opportunity to make it big —  then roll up your sleeves because it’s about to be *that time* girl! Don’t let your special something (idea, talent, vision) fall to the wayside because you could potentially be losing the chance of a lifetime.
On a very personal note – I was holding my head between my hands feeling supremely defeated last weekend, when I had a swift and sudden moment of clarity. You see, I’m a hyper-competitive-type-A-aggressive-super-ambitious-trying-to-over-achieve-every-chance-I-get personality and when I don’t get the chance to channel that energy in a workplace environment it feels like there’s a wrench in the system (i.e. an existential breakdown every single day). In between marketing contract work assignments, I begin to feel a disassociation with my own life, like a stranger waking up in my own skin. The epiphany was that my own drive to “succeed”, to be constantly on the “right track”, was killing me slowly. I had inadvertently developed a fear of failure and succumbed to a toxic cycle of constant self-judgement. In that moment of clarity, I asked myself why do I hold back from putting myself out there on my own channels? Why am I so comfortable selling everything under the sun but not comfortable with selling my unique perspective? Answer: low self-esteem. I decided that in the spirit of ‘National Small Business Week’  I would muster up the courage and finally open up my digital store front on Redbubble.
Don’t let work define you—define what kind of work will make you feel wind beneath your wings.

With Belief In You,
Andrea Vidovic


Schmidt’s Naturals is the brain child of Jaime Schmidt. This #girlboss is the epitome of a self-starter! Discover how she created an enterprise out of a household hobby: click here to access an article and podcast.


What can I say about Valfré except, that I love her. She is a self-taught graphic artist who grew an entire business out of a blog (a testament to the power of word of mouth). The interview below will have your whole being humming with possibility!

Highlight: (8:00) “I think women—and humans in general—we have the ability to adapt to whatever situation we are put in.”

P.S. Sidewalk Talk is a new series by Lauren Engel. This girl is a #bossbabe herself. Read about her journey from being very inspired, to becoming very inspiring.


Freeland Spirits is headed by a magnificent trio of ladies who are beating the odds of the distilling industry. These ladies are movers, makers, and history shakers! Click here to find out how taking a leap of faith with the right people can lead to bountiful gains.


If you feel heat rising to face and have the sudden urge to start pacing, then you’ve realized that there is no time like the present to start on that venture you’ve always dreamed of. Here are some more links to get you started:

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