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We're talking to some badass women about what empowerment can look like

Our vinas over at Blume are here to talk about the power of friendship in accomplishing goals, what it means to have a healthy and safe period, and why they started a company to empower women every day of the month.

Hi Taran and Bunny! Tell me about why you decided to create Blume and your journey to get here?

We noticed there’s a lack of information and resources available for girls today. We were inspired to do something, because the process of puberty is something everyone goes through and everyone deserves to know what changes to expect. Beyond that, girls are presented with products with unsafe ingredients, making this isolating time even worse. We wanted to create a tangible solution and offer young girls products they can feel confident using.

It started as ElleBox. How did the business change and why?

With Ellebox, we knew 2 things:

  1. We wanted to create a conversation about periods so that people with periods could take on the world and live life without shame, stigma or taboo.
  2. We want girls and women to have easy access to safe, transparent, sustainable products that are not a threat to your body or the environment.

Through growing Ellebox we learned that these things matter to our customers, too. We also learned through the feedback our audience gave us every month after receiving their boxes. Rather than focuses on the service we were building, we focused on our why and found the best way to solve these problems for our community. From there, we relaunched as Blume and introduced four foundational products that customers were lacking.

What’s it like running a business with your sister?

It’s awesome! We both think very differently and have complementary skill sets, so it allows to tackle different aspects of the business, which come together in an efficient way. We also have 1000% trust in one another, which inherently makes running the business easier!

You’ve talked about how it can be lonely running as a business. What are some “gritty” parts about running a business and the stuff that most people don’t see?

In the early days specifically, as a founder, you are the business, which means that you are literally part of every touchpoint of the business and so while you also get to work on the fun stuff, you also have to ensure you’re making time for the not so fun stuff, like following up with lost shipments or working long hours to fix a broken webpage.

What is your advice for women who have a business idea but not sure how to get it off the ground?

Just start!

Tell me about BLUME how it works?

We provide everything from organic pads and tampons, to natural deodorants, to all natural blemish treatments. Everything a girl would need to help manage her period mindfully. These products work well for women of all ages and are made to grow up with girls and stand by them for years to come. More importantly than our products, we’re validating an often ignored & shamed life experience to celebrate womanhood and everything that comes with it (including the bad and ugly!)

VINA is all about the power of friendship and the importance of having your tribe. Do you both rely on a circle of friends? Tell us about how friends have helped you on this journey.

We couldn’t agree with this more! We both have a super close tribe of friends that we rely on and appreciate SO much. Entrepreneurship is a lonely journey and we couldn’t imagine navigating both the highs & lows without a strong support system of friends around us.

Tell us about BLUME’s Acne Oil–Meltdown. What is the product and how does it work?

Meltdown is our all natural acne treatment made purely from essential oils! It’s anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory making it effective at tackling everything to hormonal/cystic acne to scarring. It’s great on all skin types and won’t leave your skin dry or oily—just crystal clear.

What makes it different from other products?

Meltdown isn’t made with any harsh chemicals, found in conventional acne treatments! No benzoyl peroxide or Salicylic acid is used, so you don’t need to worry about your skin flaking or peeling. It’s even safe to use underneath makeup!

Where can vinas buy it?

You can find all our products, including Meltdown, on!

What are your big dreams for this year?

We’re excited to continue building the brand that girls grow up with 🙂 There’s a lot of work to be done and we’re focusing on sex ed & self care this year.

On VINA, vinas use 5 emojis to define themselves. What 5 emojis represent you both?

Where can vinas buy it?

You can find all our products, including Meltdown, on! Feel free to use the code VINA10 for 10% off all Blume products!

Feeling inspired to support your fellow girls with a kick ass entrepreneurial gig? Find your next business partner vina on Hey! VINA today!

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