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We interviewed Amy Sheppard, musician and women's activist, about her #KissMyFatAss movement that she created through Instagram!

We interviewed Amy Sheppard, musician and women’s activist, about her #KissMyFatAss movement that she created through Instagram!

1. Hi Amy! We find the #KissMyFatAss movement so inspiring and so needed. Tell us about what inspired this movement? Was there anything specific that prompted you to start it?

It all began when I was scrolling through my camera roll looking for a photo to upload. I came across a photo I really loved but my butt was looking really dimply. I was thinking about ways I could manipulate the image so that it was “post worthy.” As I was trying to blur out my cellulite on FaceTune I thought… “What the hell am I doing?!” I posted the photo (Sans FaceTune) and wrote a caption along the lines of “I have cellulite, kiss my fat ass if you find it offensive.”

2. Why do you think the hashtag resonates with so many people?

I feel that people are tired of being fed perfect images 24/7. When they see someone upload an honest an unaltered picture, they have something to connect with. It gives people permission to be themselves.

3. What makes the conversation around body positivity and acceptance so important during our cultural climate?

Almost everyone is worried about their external appearance these days. There is so much emphasis placed on making sure that your life appears perfect in every way. The thing is, life isn’t perfect. Bodies aren’t perfect. The more honest we are with each other, the less alone we will all feel.

4. What’s next for #kissmyfatass?

At this stage, I’m just really enjoying creating a positive community.

5. Is body image something you’ve dealt with for many years? Tell us about the dark time. How did you get through it and who helped you?

I have dealt with body image issues for as long as I can remember. Growing up I was an overweight child and I was bullied for it. Once I lost the weight, the body image issues didn’t subside. I was never good enough. It has taken me years to realize that self-worth has nothing to do with how much you weigh! There’s so much more to focus your life on than counting calories.

Sheppard OMW Press Image by Caitlin Boland

6. Do you read Instagram comments, or do you steer away from them? Why or why not?

I read my Instagram comments. I try to reply to them all. As I said earlier, I want to build a community of positive people. I want to be able to help others who might be struggling or just be a friendly presence.

7. How does it feel to know the impact you’re having on so many women who’ve found confidence through this movement? Are there are any specific people that come to mind, who have contacted you and explained what a difference you made? Would love to hear about it.

I get so many messages and comments daily from people who find my posts of value. It truly means the world to me. In helping others, I have also found the process very healing for myself. It just goes to show how many people do suffer from body image issues.

8. VINA is all about helping every single woman find their tribe—their community of women who they can lean on. Who is your tribe? Who is your support system?

I’m so fortunate to have some incredibly strong women around me. I draw most support from my mum and my sister Emma. We are lucky enough to work together and we see each other every single day. A bond like that is unbreakable.

9. How do your girl friends lift you up? What are your favorite things to do with them?

One of my favourite things to do with the girls is to either head to the gym together or go for a nice long walk. It’s time without technology and a time to encourage one another. It’s like having a mini girl gang.

10. In typical VINA fashion, how do you usually spend your Sundays?

On Sundays, I invite my friends around and we spend all day either in the pool, or watching movies. Sundays are for chilling.

11.  Lastly, tell us about Sheppard! What’s going on this summer for you guys?!

We are taking some time to write album 3! We can’t wait for you all to hear it!

Check out Sheppard’s “On My Way” lyric video HERE!

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