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Here's how to enjoy some bud with your buds on the ultimate stoner holiday.

Okay, so it might seem pretty self-explanatory why you’d want to spend 4/20 stoned as a mark of celebration, but there are tons of other ways to partake in the holiday. You can keep it simple and simply smoke, or you can throw the best event ever for your fave stoner vinas. For the sake of shaking things up, here’s a list of cool vina date ideas for any vinas looking to celebrate 4/20!


Marijuana is legal in multiple states. California, Colorado, and Massachusetts are just a few places where you can legally light up. Grab your 21-and-up vinas, and take a trip. Pun definitely intended.


In keeping with the tradition of Halloween and Christmas, it makes sense to gorge yourself on holiday-related films. So in this instance, watch movies that put marijuana at the center. How HighUp In SmokePineapple ExpressHarold & Kumar Go To White Castle, and Half Baked are just a few ideas of holiday classics. (Don’t forget snacks, trust me.)


You can invite your stoner vinas over for a weed infused bake-off, or maybe just have everyone bring snacks to pig out after you spark one!


If you can’t make it to one on 4/20, create your own festival. Head to a plain wall, grab a projector, and compile a YouTube playlist of your favorite artists. Blast music, smoke and enjoy. (Don’t forget the Rihanna!) 

These are just a few ideas for stoner vinas to celebrate 4/20. Maybe you can start a new tradition. Above all else, be sure to indulge responsibly, there is a such thing as too much. Have fun, but be safe!

How do you plan to celebrate? Let us know in the comments!

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