Fearless Femme Fridays


Women are making BIG waves this week everywhere from South Korea to Africa to Brazil


Feminists in South Korea have advocated relentlessly to overturn the abortion ban that has been in place for the last 66 years, and late last week they accomplished their goal. The ban on abortions has officially been overturned. These women circulated a 230,000-person-signed petition to abolish the crime of abortion, raised awareness on social media, organized rallies, and ushered in the Me Too movement in a country where not long ago it was shameful for a girl to know about the functioning of her own body.

Read the rest of their powerful story at Huffpost.


Tifanny Abreu is a professional volleyball player in Brazil, and her presence alone in professional sports is stirring up a national conversation about transgender athletes. Abreu has faced direct attacks both in person and online, but the criticisms are growing as her story is becoming national news. Women have always been criticized and attacked for making a space for themselves, especially in professional spheres, but Abreu has found herself in the middle of a national controversy. Many scientists have announced that trans women who’ve undergone hormone treatment perform no better in sports than other women, but still the naysayers claim science as their defense. Regardless, Abreu has proven herself a role model for trans women in Brazil and the world. Her bravery in the face of international criticism for her identity should be celebrated and her talents supported.

Check outAbreu’s full story.

Lieutenant Commander Marcia Andrade Braga

Courtesy of United Nations Twitter.

Lieutenant Commander Marcia Andrade Braga just received the
the UN Military Gender Advocate of the Year Award.

Lt. Cdr. Braga has served as the Military Gender Advisor at MINUSCA since April of 2018 and has been an integral part of the creation of a gender advisers network throughout Central African Republic. Female advisers have been able to build relationships with the people of CAR that male advisers often can’t, and this has allowed for the UN to get honest and accurate information about what the women and children in the country need in terms of protection and aid. Braga has not only served as a female adviser in CAR but has trained many more gender advisers to advance the reach the group can have and extend the protection the UN can offer.

Read the United Nation’s full story on Lt. Cdr. Braga.


Middle school math teacher, Lauren Miranda, lost her job after a private topless selfie she sent to a boyfriend (who also worked at the school) got into the hands of students. Does this remind anyone else of that episode of Thirteen Reasons Why where a photo of Hannah is circulated throughout the entire high school by a boy, and Hannah is slut shamed by everyone including her friends? This case is so angering. Not only was the private photo sent privately to someone she trusted, but she is the one who has lost everything for having an intimate moment with that person instead of the person who (likely) leaked the photo to a school of middle school students.

Miranda is standing up for herself and for women everywhere who have historically been held to a double standard when it comes to male and female sexuality. Miranda is suing the school for her job back or for $3 million in damages.

Shockingly and sadly this is a controversial opinion, but we stand with Lauren Miranda and all the women who have been shamed for their sexuality and who have been betrayed by people they trusted.

Read the rest of Miranda’s story on The Guardian.


Courtesy of True North Twitter.

Dozens of women attending the “Daughters of the Vote” day in Canada’s Parliament stood up and turned their backs to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to speak out against the scandal that has been rocking Canada for months. In February, Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould (the first Indigenous female attorney general) resigned after accusing Trudeau’s office of “pressuring her to consider a civil rather than criminal penalty for a company accused of corruption,” according to a New York Times article. Women throughout Canada and abroad have voiced their support for Trudeau.

There has been much controversy around the women’s display. Critics believe the stance only fueled the view of many who still believe women are too emotional to be involved in politics. However, politics are inherently about people, and important political decisions have much to gain from a female’s perspective.

The full story of the event and the sexism in Canada’s Parliament is at The New York Times website, and it’s a must-read!

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