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Here are 5 more badass women in the news this week!


Courtesy of @lightfootforchi on Instagram

Lori Lightfoot, 56, has officially become Chicago’s first black woman elected as mayor! Not only that, but she will also be Chicago’s first openly gay mayor. Look at American making progress, vinas!

“The only way we are going to carve a new path for the city, to take us in a direction that our communities don’t continue to be resource-starved, is to vote for change,” said Lightfoot.

We stand with you, Lori! We can’t wait to see you make some much-needed changes.


Courtesy of @aliwong on Instagram

We love Ali Wong because she’s the creator of a fabulous book just for girls, featuring personalized letters to her two daughters that delve into life lessons, dating advice, and female empowerment. This comedian is taking things to the next level for women — young and old — and we adore her for that! Go Ali! We can’t wait to read your book.


Photo via Wikipedia

The United States’ women’s hockey team is seeking to be seen as equals to their male counterparts. They threatened to boycott USA Hockey over equal pay, and they’ve received a grand sum of $71,000 each, every year.

We feel you, gals. Just know that here at VINAZINE, we think you rock so hard, and we stand with you!


Photo via Wikipedia

Agnès Varda passed away this week at the ripe age of 90, and we want to recognize her for her triumphant artistic works in the realm of film. She incorporated feminist elements in many of her films, exploring the themes of romance, curiosity about human interaction, nature, and political activism. We’ll miss you, Agnès; you won’t be forgotten.


Courtesy of @EricaArden on Twitter

Erica Vladimer was sexually assaulted by a New York State Senator. To transcend her pain and suffering, she has decided to help other women heal their wounds. She is now the leader of the Sexual Harassment Working Group, which is working to change the culture of sexual harassment for the better. We stand with you, Erica!

Know of any other badass women in the news? Want to discuss it with other badass women? Check out Hey! VINA to have conversations of a lifetime.

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