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You may feel awkward asking these sex-related questions. Here are the answers to some of your burning questions!

It’s fun to share your Pinot Noir over your last Tinder hookup. You can give all the gritty details of the scent of his skin and how you woke up to apple cinnamon pancakes the next day. You and your vina can share some pretty intimate details, but there are some things that are less than “share-worthy.” It’s okay — we’ve been there. I’m here to be the big-sister-vina and answer some of those awkward questions. Let’s get started:


Right now, the world is at a peak of its technology advancements, which makes it no surprise that this is a question that is up for debate. You have to really ask yourself what YOU consider cheating. There is no “right” or “wrong” answer, it all falls upon¬†your¬†own values. Some people may consider a kiss on the cheek that they weren’t aware of as cheating, and others may only consider full intercourse as cheating.

Determine where you draw the line, and where your partner is standing near it. If your partner simply made a new friend from a Facebook group, that can be cool or not. If your partner simply made a new friend from a Facebook group, and started messaging them and sending them nude pics, that may still be okay with you — or not.

If at any point you begin to feel uncomfortable or question if your partner would be okay with what you’re doing, then the answer is that it’s probably wrong.


Anal sex is something that you and your partner need to be fully in agreement with. It can be a pleasurable experience for both of you if it is done correctly. I will tell you that the biggest reason people do not have anal sex is because of the fear of what might come out, so shower up! When the mood is right and time is not an issue, foreplay will make the task much easier.

The best way to introduce anything to the anal area is with a lubed up single finger. Begin touching the area and inserting a finger then gradually increasing it to two. Add more lubricant whenever necessary. When the time is right, you or your partner will be able to fully engage in anal sex. Do not resist or clench up, because this will cause pain. Remain relaxed and just be in the moment.


While sex during your period is not necessarily bad, it can be messy. Provided that your SO is comfortable with the mess factor, period sex is no different than regular sex! Lay some old towels down on the bed, make sure to double or triple up on towels. Foreplay is usually best above the waist to avoid direct hand contact with the blood which may decrease the arousal factor. Entering the vagina will be no different than non-period sex, however, you will notice that the area is more lubricated. Some women experience a slight pause in their period flow for a few hours later due to the contractions of the uterus during sex, and this is totally normal. Bottom line: period sex is like regular sex, it just also involves blood. If your partner is not squeamish, then you two should be able to have a blast.

Although sex is not a taboo subject for many, there are still some questions that are uncomfortable to ask. Having a vina on Hey! VINA you can trust is always a good place to start. Who knows? Maybe your vina has the same question as you! It’s worth mentioning that, when in doubt, ask your doctor — they have seen and heard a lot! And no matter what you do, safe sex is the best sex!

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