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Here are just a few reasons why it's awesome to have a diverse group of friends.

Every girl needs her own group of super-women supporting her. As kids, we were friends with whoever was on the playground that day. But those same friends from the sandbox may not have stuck around as we started maturing, developing different interests, and meeting other people. We began to create friendships with people that were just like us, maybe unintentionally developing relationships with people in the same race, religion, culture, and gender as us. Having friends from different social groups and backgrounds is more important than you think.

You can learn something from everyone in your circle. Having diverse friends brings the opportunity to learn new languages, enhance your knowledge of different cultures and religions, and enables you to accept people for who they truly are!


Having diversity in your friendships also helps you to become more socially aware. You can never truly understand how someone else feels until you experience a connection with them. After connecting with a vina, I learned of her daily struggle of being a minority in her community. She confided in me that she felt uncomfortable in today’s political climate with her family being Mexican immigrants, explained that she didn’t receive the same amount of respect as other women in her town, and opened up to me about a social injustice that needed more attention. This motivated me to be more involved in my community and demand equality for ALL people. I never would have truly understood some of the problems thousands of people were facing if it weren’t for having her in my circle.

Finding new friends is simple with the Hey! VINA app! Check out all the different communities and get ready to meet tons of new vinas.

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