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Here are a few ways to celebrate this awesome day with your furry friends.

Most people don’t need a reason to shower an adorable puppy with love. However, if you are one of the few who do need a reason, you’re in luck! International Puppy Day is today. 🐶💖

To help usher in the day, here are a few celebrities that enjoy the companionship of these lovable, wet nosed, furry animals.


Not only is Chelsea Handler a comedian, actress, and television host but she is also an avid dog lover. Chelsea recently adopted two new fur babies, named Bert & Bernice, after her two previous dogs passed away. Bert & Bernice are both chow breed dogs and are super adorable and look very cuddle worthy.  I suggest following Chelsea on Instagram for her frequent posts featuring her furry pups.

Photo via @chelseahandler on Instagram


It’s hard to imagine the Winter Olympics and not think of Lindsey Vonn.  It’s also hard to find Lindsey without her canine bestie, Lucy Vonn.  Lucy goes everywhere with the gold medalist.  And that includes hitting the slopes.  When home, Lucy joins her fellow shelter rescued brothers Leo and Bear.  Lindsey is so passionate about her dogs, she even created an Instagram account just for them with the handle vonndogs.  With over 38k followers, it’s easy to see that Lindsey isn’t the only one in love with this trio.


Is there anything cuter than a tea cup poodle?  How about a tea cup poodle with the name Nugget?  And to top it off the person who named that tea cup poodle, Nugget, is the one and only pop star, Katy Perry.  Nugget is always included in the daily grind of being a celebrity.  From photo shoots-to-paparazzi photo ops, Nugget doesn’t seem to mind being in the spotlight.  One look at Nugget and your heart is sure to melt. I’m not kidding!

Photo via @officialnuggetperry on Instagram

This day is all about pouring love into your furry friends.  Without a doubt you’ll get unconditional love in return.

  • Adopt a puppy from a shelter
  • Donate money or food to a shelter or animal rescue
  • Buy your puppy a new toy
  • Do a DIY photoshoot with you and your puppy
  • Spread the word on social media about local shelters and animal rescues
  • Indulge your puppy with its favorite treat

Your puppy may not be known worldwide or have thousands of social media followers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate International Puppy Day with your babes on Hey! VINA! Download it today and join the Dog Moms community!!

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