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This book club is not just a place to reflect on literature for these vinas; it’s become a community of pure connection and support.

When I first joined Hey! VINA, there was a common theme threading together conversations during each VINA date: how difficult it is to make friends as an adult while working and navigating numerous responsibilities and commitments … #adulthood. Unlike our school days, people no longer seemed to centralize in any specific place with the intention of making new friends. But, VINA has provided us with just that!

It didn’t take long to start building relationships with kickass women from all around the Bay Area. Eventually, I started talking about my desire to be in a book club. This spurred several of my vinas and I to form our own, The Badass Book Club. We were united in our desire to focus on literature with a theme of women’s empowerment.

There were only a handful of us initially, but before long, our little group grew to nearly a dozen women. United in our passion for women’s rights and love for literature, our conversations never lack depth, and I’m often left still pondering the profound words and observations of my vina sisters. Our monthly meetings have become something we all look forward to, and in a beautiful, organic way it evolved into much more than a bookclub. It’s a safe space to be vulnerable, to share triumphs, failures, and ideas. We encourage each other, offer advice, console each other and celebrate each other’s successes.

We all came from different walks of life, and our unique experiences enabled us to share new perspectives. We are united in our desires to grow as individuals, uplift women, and to see women succeed in all aspects of life. This keeps us coming back for more: more fantastic literature, more meaningful conversations and more community with empowered women.

Every single woman in The Badass Book Club is fierce, strong, intelligent, kind and driven. We want to see each other succeed, and we are passionate about building women up and crashing through that glass ceiling. We all recognize that empowered women change the world simply by being themselves–encouraging others, speaking up for minorities, pursuing their passions unapologetically, and reminding others to do the same.

In the end, it’s much more than a book club–more than just exchanging thoughts and perspectives on that month’s read–it’s a community for women to come together, expand our minds, and help each other navigate life’s obstacles. This is why VINA is so important. It not only brings women together, it cultivates empowering communities for women to connect, be heard and make a difference.

Take some time today to reflect on the amazing women in your life and celebrate their strength, courage, tenacity and every little thing that makes them who they are. Always remember, even small, thoughtful acts of kindness and encouragement can have a huge impact. When women empower other women, those women go on to do the same.

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