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There's a major difference between constructive criticism and blatant rudeness. Don't be the one to cross that line!

It’s finally that time. You’ve finally created something that you’re confident enough to put out into the world. You’ve written the ultimate poem; You’ve drawn the perfect portrait—you are READY to self-publish it for the universe to see. But what happens when it isn’t received the way you hoped it’d be?

I’m studying creative writing as a minor at my university. In my classes, I’ve written dozens of poems, short stories, memoir pieces, and more. It’s taken a lot of courage from me to feel comfortable enough to raise my hand in the middle of class and read what I’ve written to the room.

But I do it despite the butterflies. Why? Because I feel confident in what I’ve written.

In my classes, I’ve received a majority of positive comments about my writings, and I’m thankful for that. I’d like to add that I believe genuine and constructive criticism falls into the category of positive comments because I can tell when my classmate is truly trying to give me advice to make my piece even better.

However, there is a major difference between constructive criticism and blatant rudeness. Please don’t cross that line.

I’ve gotten rejected from multiple publications. I’ve been told that my piece was “stupid.” I’ve had eyes roll as I’ve read my pieces aloud. That doesn’t mean I will stop writing. I won’t let negativity stop me.

I do, though, have friends that have given up on their art because of this type of negativity. Instead of being given advice on how to improve a piece, they’ve been treated with meanness and insensitivity. I’ve made it my mission to have my best friend feel brave enough again to share her work.

If someone finally has built up enough courage to put their piece out there, treat that piece with the utmost respect, even if you don’t necessarily love it.

Just be kind, vinas.

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