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Warning: Mercury retrograde ahead🙃

March–the month of “Come in like a lion and go out like a lamb”–for sure lives up to that phrase the next 31 days, especially with Mercury stirring up for retrograde on March 5th. For those of you who are unsure, Mercury is the planet known to be the messenger, directing the ways we think, communicate and share information. Being the planet that’s closest to the Sun, this makes a whole lotta sense! And once this planet goes in retrograde, which she does three times a year for a good three weeks each time, communication, information and our thinking gets a little interrupted by universal forces! Just know, this month’s shenanigans aren’t totally your fault, but it’s for sure a time to reflect, be patient with your thoughts and words and take responsibility for the things we need to reconcile or grow from.

Here is a little guide on how to make it through:

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We know you’re eager to get your goals started, business agreements signed, keeping your eye open for a possible new love interest… but the time isn’t now to be impulsive with your wants. Instead, look back to last month–was there anything you started you haven’t finished? Are you idea-jumping and not staying solid with one goal? Are you ready for a commitment or are you looking to just have some fun? Be aware of needs, rather than desires. Reflect deeply on your emotions, instincts and spirituality this month.

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This could be a month full of misread actions and confused communications for you dear vina, but don’t fret! This is truly a time for you to use your grounding skills, think before you speak, appreciate the simple things you have and the wonderful people around you and practice concentration. March presents you with a month that is dedicated to your self-development and you should most definitely own it and commit 100% to that! Key words for you this month: opportunity, community, connections–don’t pass up any experiences that will get you closer to your goals.

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Things may seem a bit overwhelming for you this month, and with Mercury being your ruling planet, it could seem as though everything and everyone is conspiring against you, but know that everyone is dealing with communication dead-ends just like you, and like everyone else, you have the power to uplift and transform those chaotic energies! Don’t lose sight of who you are and don’t take things too personal. Express yourself the best way you can through writing, dance, the arts or just leaning on a good friend to help support you could be a wonderful remedy. Keywords: friendships, reputation, organization.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs


Not everyone is a mind reader or has the intuitive depth as you do, dear Cancer, so it’s up to you to put into words how you are truly feeling inside. Crave more time with your partner? Tell them. Don’t feel appreciated? Say it. Feeling a bit insecure? Talk to someone close about it and focus on communicating with inner clarity. By the end of the month, while others may be feeling a bit introverted, you might feel quite opposite, and crave company. This is a good time to head out on vina date with the vinas who support you and make you feel appreciated. Have fun and let loose! Key words: Clarity, insights, expression.

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Your creative ideas have been flourishing, but getting the ideas into action has been sort of an obstacle for you. With Mercury shaking things up in the communication realm, you might feel roadblock for your goals and creativity, but what most of us don’t realize is retrogrades are actually very beneficial for our growth. In fact, it’s especially a great time for us to get deep within, reflect and plan out your goal strategy. Remain self-assured, good things are coming! Key words: Transformation, attraction, projects.

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Obsessing over the little things, the big things, the faults of others, your irritations–this all must come to an end for the month of March. Dear Virgo, we know you mean well, but with your ruling planet heading into retrograde, there’s no point in throwing gas on the fire and have others misinterpret every word, your advice, opinions (or nitpick ;)) you say. Use that energy to head within–has your mind been feeling a bit chaotic or on overload? Letting go of the things that don’t include you (meaning taking on other’s issues) could be the best remedy for you this month. Key words: Partnerships, relationships, break free.

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You work so hard to keep the peace, and lately it seems like more of a job for you, Libra lady. Certain energies this month may interfere with your tranquil energies in your love life and relationships, but by remaining patient with yourself, it can help keep the balance. Remember to be there for your own needs! This retrograde might start out with a bit of chaos, so stay organized and double check career deliverables. Work on staying on top of your business and career this month. Key words: Self-care, routines, service to others.

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Energies are intense! You can feel it a mile away. Maybe it’s affecting you in your love life, career, friendships–but either way, be careful not to lash out on impulse because you will regret it later. This is a good time to slow down and take some private time to yourself. Maybe take a mental health day, a car ride through nature, a day full of Netflix and chill. Whatever it is, keep your energies balanced and focus on slowly pursuing your goals. No rush to the finish line! Key words: Creativity, sexuality, reflection.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs9


You might be craving some fun this month, whether that’s in the bedroom or out with your best vinas, and the universe is on your side with your desire! Hit the streets with your vinas or hit the sheets with some new positions with your partner. While others are juggling the obstacles of Mercury’s retrograde, you’re loving every minute of it! But what’s new? Sagittarius’ are always open to transforming and learning new things. So have fun this month and let your natural charm radiate. Key words: Empathy, pursuits, knowledge.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs8


You seem to be stirring the pot this month, anxious Capricorn! With your desire to show off at work, your need for extra attention and spice with your partner, plus your craving of something new–you may piss certain people off this month. Starting with your S.O. If you seem bored in your relationship, make some time for romance this week. Light some candles and remind yourself why you decided to be in this commitment. For our single Caps, around the 20th, you might have your eyes on a certain someone who could be a lifetime mate! Instead of boiling up your energy at work and causing some tension, head to the gym or a yoga class and start a new regimen. Key words: Intentions, romance, mindfulness.

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We know you love your alone time and while this is a great month to practice some solitude, remembering to balance out the time you give can also be beneficial. To our committed vinas in a relationship, remember to schedule some cuddle time with your partner, and to our single vinas, head to a coffee shop with an artistic friend to collab on some creative ideas! You’ll desire to delve into self-development or esoteric learnings, which will lead you into some emotional healing needs this month. Key words: Values, enlightenment, partnerships.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs12


Your spiritual side is calling this month and truthfully, it could be the best thing for you! As energies become intense, it best for you to focus on serenity and ways to keep your emotions balanced. You feel a need to deepen your understanding of yourself and the world, and the more time you spend focusing on this need, you might find your creativity is sparked! Remember to be mindful of other’s feelings. Being as sensitive you are, you might find you close yourself off to certain energies (which is okay, as boundaries are needed!), but remember to be there for those who love you and need you. Key words: Dream work, self-love, compassion.

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