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No one wants to be the one who looks like they just stumbled out of a time capsule. However, some of the must-have fashion trends for 2019 look like a blast from the past.  These trends have been resurrected to bring us fashion life! Here are the 5 fashion staples you have to add to your closet this year.



Yes honey, they’re back! Fanny packs have been slowly reemerging on the fashion scene. You can blame celebrities like Rihanna and Kendall Jenner for bringing this trend back to the forefront. In the past, the common reasoning for looking like a human kangaroo was that fanny packs were so practical. However, with the latest fanny pack designs, it’s easy to see that they can be just as cute as they are useful.



When I think of tie-dye I immediately think of braces and summer camp.  Who knew the trend would appear on catwalks across the globe one day.  You can choose any hue from the color spectrum to find the right statement piece.  One great thing about the tie-dye trend is that it lends itself to DIY projects.  So, if a designer tie-dye shirt is outside your budget you can always make your own. We love us an artsy vina!


Paola shared a drawing with you 32

A statement hair clip can add the right amount of flare to your #ootd. Whether heavily embellished in jewels or covered in a textured material, a hair clip adds a layer of (stylish) interest to even the simplest of ensembles.  You can also use the “fashion statement” excuse for wearing a hair clip on those days when it is simply a lazy hair day.


Paola shared a drawing with you 30

Nothing makes a statement quite like neon. Now just imagine combining neon with animal print. Talk about an outfit made for the runway.  The neon trend is flourishing in places like Japan. Don’t know if you’re ready to invest in a neon coat or pair of pants? The trend isn’t limited to clothing! Neon hair is also a movement that is on the rise, so, if you’re bold enough to rock hot pink, bright green, or fluorescent orange, now is the time!



Fringe is all about movement. It draws the eye to a piece of clothing.  Fringe could make an otherwise simple bottom or jacket pop. If a fringed jacket is too flashy for you, consider a bag, or a pair of shoes with a fringed adornment.

With these pieces, you are sure to make an entrance wherever you go.  Adding one or two of these trends to your closet will ensure that your look is current, while also creating a retro feel.

Which trend are you looking forward to adding to your closet?

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