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Celebrate the good in humanity and pay it forward.

I always feel warm and fuzzy inside when I hear about random acts of kindness. Scrolling through social media, you can find countless posts of ‘Hometown Heroes’ and other do-gooders. Although random acts of kindness should be done, well, randomly, Feb. 17 is the day we all celebrate doing nice things for someone else.

Coffee for two


This happens to be my favorite way of throwing a random act of kindness out into the Universe. Paying it forward is a small gesture that can mean tons to someone else. I’ve been on the receiving end of people paying it forward several times, but the time that stands out the most was about eight years ago when I was out having breakfast with my son. A college-age girl was sitting near us. We didn’t notice her looking different than anyone else, however, she noticed us. When our bill came, the waitress told us it was already paid for. The young woman was happy to see a mom and her son bonding and decided to pay for our bill. She was long gone by then, so I was never able to catch her name or what she distinctly looked like. If you’re out there reading this, “Thank you!”


Everyone loves being told that they look good. Make today the day where everyone (or close to everyone) you meet is left with a compliment. Let them know if you like their hair, clothes or shoes. Nothing beats an acknowledgment from a stranger. If the local barista isn’t donned in her cutest blouse, leave telling her how she makes your morning coffee run that much more special. Kind words can be powerful.

Cat under covers


Most of us have a few old towels or blankets lying around that we don’t need or use anymore. Gather them up and donate them to an animal shelter. Animal shelters often need towels and blankets to care for the kittens and puppies. They get used quickly and are costly to restock. Help those helping the animals in your community and call your local animal shelter to ask if they could use some new supplies and when the best time for you to drop some off is.

The only way to make Random Acts of Kindness Day better is by gathering up your vinas and celebrating together! 😍 Head over to Hey! VINA to find your perfect Good Samaritan partner-in-crime today! 👯💕

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