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It's not delivery -- it's your very own, delicious, homemade pizza!

So, it’s safe to say if I was stranded on a desert island, the one thing I would bring with me is pizza. Although, once that pizza would be finished, I’d totally be jonesing for some more. I LOVE pizza! The fact there is actually a nationally recognized day celebrating pizza just affirms the love I have for it. Grab your vina and your rolling pin for some awesome ideas for National Pizza Day!


Screen Shot 2019-02-07 at 2.50.19 PM.png
Courtesy of bos.kitchen Instagram.

This is one of my favorite ideas for making a pizza. It’s in the shape of a heart! You don’t need to be a culinary pro to master a heart-shape from a circle, and you don’t even need to start from scratch. Buy a pre-made pizza crust and carve the edges to form a heart. Then top it with more love: extra cheese! Bake the cut-off pieces along with the rest of the pizza and dip in some leftover pizza sauce for instant breadsticks. 


Cauliflower everything has become the star of the produce aisle. Take this cruciferous treat and make it into an amazing pizza crust. You and your vina can look up some super easy recipes for cauliflower pizza crust on the internet. The overall composition is: steamed cauliflower, egg, seasonings, and some people like to add cheese to the mixture. Once it’s made into a doughy consistency, you can flatten it out and add any toppings that you and your vina desire.


Ok! Get ready for the most fantastic, out of this world, monstrosity of a pizza: two pizzas in one! Yes, I said it—TWO pizzas! Think of it as the homemade version of deep-dish. The idea is rather elaborate, but again, it’s really not as difficult as you may think. Start with two medium-sized pre-made pizza crusts. Bake them so that they are firm but not baked completely. Pull them out of the oven, and add your sauce, cheese, other toppings, and then another layer of sauce and more cheese. Make sure that the top layer of cheese is a hearty amount compared to the bottom layer. Take the other pizza crust and place it on top of the made pizza. Gently press the crusts together so the top crust will adhere to some of the toppings. Now it’s time to return it to the oven. Lower the temperature slightly, but allow for longer cooking time. When the cheese is melted and the crusts are brown, you can remove and enjoy this mega pizza.

If making your own pizza is not your thing, there’s nothing better than hitting up the best local pizza place for a gourmet slice with some icy cold soda!

Whether you’re a pizza lover or not (um… I never met anyone who was not), National Pizza Day is an awesome excuse to host a vina hang on the Hey! VINA app. 

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