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The true, inner you!

“What’s your zodiac sign?” is a common question most vinas love to ask! I can admit, it is pretty fascinating how much we relate to and identify with our zodiac signs. Some of us go as far as repping our zodiac sign in our bios, have the symbol tattooed and even go around seeking “Mister-or-Misses-Right” just based on our sun sign compatibility!

The most basic and popular of signs is our sun sign: the sun which moves around the zodiac throughout the year settling in each sign for exactly one month. It is the easiest to determine, but what about where the Moon, Venus, Mercury, or Mars were settled at the exact time of your birth?! There is much more to astrology, just like there is more to you!

While our sun sign defines our personality traits, our moon sign defines our emotions, subconscious and even deeper, our soul. Your moon sign is who you are when nobody is watching! It’s your subconscious. It’s your moods, it’s the way you love and it’s the way you feel.

Depending on who you ask, our moon sign just might be the most important aspect of our astrological make-up; it’s just not as easy accessible to find out as our trendy sun signs are. So, if you’re like most and want to determine your moon sign, you can simply visit Café Astrology: What’s My Moon Sign for an accurate calculation.


Your inner you is on FIRE! Aries sun sign who are usually known for being a bit impulsive. As a moon sign, the impulsiveness might be based on your emotions. When you love, you love hard. When you have a desire, you go all out to reach for your dreams. And when you are angry…well, watch out! (even though your emotional tantrums are almost over the second they start.) You are not one to hold grudges—but you may take things personally—so it is best to try and see things from different perspectives. It’s almost as if you are bursting with passion and energy on the inside and part of your purpose is how to manifest that on the outside: maybe in your career, creative pursuits or relationships. You have a great will and the power to manifest quicker than others who set out on a purpose, so use that to your advantage!


As a Taurus moon, you might find yourself attracted to the comforts of life, rather than living an unpredictable one. If it’s familiar, stable and secure, then it’s totally you, but that doesn’t make you boring! You’re actually the vina others might call to head on a hiking trip, try out a new yoga class or take a bike ride through the city streets. Taurus moon signs love indulging in the beauty of life and, even better, the sweetness of fine food. Loyal to your core, you’re one to stick out relationships through the tough times and celebrate your vinas or lovers through the best times! Being a very earthy, physical sign, you may be a collector of antiques and have a love for possessions. Others rely heavily on your gut instincts and warm, zen-like nature. You bring a sense of calmness to any room. The most spontaneous thing about this sign is speaking before they think. 😉


Do you find yourself up most of the night plagued with restless jitters, creative ideas and deep observations? Well, that’s the Gemini moon in you! Your friends will agree: Being around you is never boring and always stimulating, but, at the same, time pretty changeable. The twin aspect of your moon sign might make for some mood swings; One second you’re up and social and the next you just might want some time alone, but your natural social nature feels a need to spread its ideas to the world. This is why many Gemini moons might take careers as artists, journalists, and even as comedians! In relationships, you might be hard to keep up with, since you are on a constant hunt for the zest in life. However, partnering up with a fiery, unpredictable moon sign like an Aries or the intellectual Aquarius moon could bring much more adventure and excitement to your life!


The moon is at home in Cancer, being the sign’s ruling planet. So, when it comes to this moon sign, you have a natural depth to you, a wide imagination and a true sensitivity to people and places, which can make the Cancer moon seem cautious when meeting new people. You are a wave of emotions, but just like the moon goes through phases, so do you. The best way to stay in control of your feelings is having an outlet. Creative pursuits are needed for you! With such deep perspectives of the world, let it out through art, performance or music. Being a delicate soul, you hold on to the past and guard yourself from being hurt or rejected again, but that can stunt you from experiencing something wonderful! Take a leap and see where your journey takes you.



At times you might feel like you are the center of the universe! As the goddess vina you are, when not fully self-centered—which isn’t always a bad thing, as you know your worth, won’t settle for less and have a true love affair with yourself—you also have the ability to inspire others and light up any room with your energetic spirit! You are generous, creative and, when in love, you are loyal to your core. Being an alpha woman, you might feel the need to control other people, situations and even your own emotions. It is okay to be vulnerable sometimes, even though it’s not an emotion you typically prefer. Allowing yourself to feel freely will help in letting go of past hurts and be open to new love and friendships. Your spirit is too alive to be closed off!


When first meeting a Virgo moon, they can seem standoffish, a bit cold and very observant. But, deep down in their sea of a soul, they’re actually very intuitive: feeling and sensing their way through connections to see if they can, in fact, trust you! Virgos are all about loyalty, so as a Virgo moon, emotionally, they need to know they can count on you to be there for them before letting you fully in. They will not waste their time on partners who they feel they cannot rely on. Virgo moons love stimulating conversations, may contain a bit of sarcasm behind their words. Even though these vinas can seem conservative and “all work with no play,” take them out for a night on the town with their best gals and you will see this vina really come to life with their great sense of style, beautiful features and great dance moves!


Our zen and harmony-desired vina! Libra moons are all about romance, passion and balance. They may seek a partner that is mentally stable to help balance out their more sensitive, indecisive emotions. Nonetheless, Libra moons are intellectual, creative and even enjoy a good debate here and there. Libras are known to desire partnerships, and, although they do well in relationships, it is important for them to remember not to compromise themselves and their needs too much. Being a natural people-pleaser, remember to take some time to please yourself! And if you are internally debating if this relationship you’re in deserves your devotion, because you are a very loyal Libra moon, ask yourself when the last time you felt totally catered to and appreciated in return was. Don’t settle for less than your worth.


The inner you can be labelled as a bit intense, with much passion and desire! Take a ride on the wild side with this moon sign, as they are forever changing, transforming, soul-searching and experimenting new bedroom positions. “Sexuality” may be your middle name. Along with your extreme natures, you have an awoken third eye! You literally can sense another’s desires and can even see through someone’s BS. To some, you’re intriguing, and to others, you’re disturbing, but that’s only because you feel so deeply, and not everyone is open to that energy. Take advantage of those qualities, because they truly set you apart. Spiritual self-help and occult studies books will do you and your soul well.


Adventurous, passionate, humorous, free-spirited is what a Sagittarius is all about! So, being a Sag moon, you are in for a delight. These vinas are so much fun to be around, and they make for even better friends. Your optimistic and caring nature is magnetic; you try your best to spread positivity whenever others are feeling low. At times, you feel you can conquer the world and, with your bright spirits and great knack at communication, you most definitely can! Then other times, you find yourself acting impulsively and irresponsibly. Whenever those feelings arise, head to nature and get yourself grounded. You are not the type that likes to feel suffocated or bored for too long, so releasing your energy through creativity or a good hike can balance out your rapidly stimulated energies.


The first time meeting a Capricorn moon, you might find them to be stand-offish, vague and a bit cold, but, in reality, they are pretty sensitive beings who feel a lot, but just aren’t comfortable with letting that side of themselves show. Unless they truly trust you, which can take some time as Capricorn moons can be seen as onions, the more you peel back the layers, the more you’ll understand them. They are very business-minded and are known to be successful in business endeavors and investments. Workaholics, yes! They need to feel productive in one form or another. Maybe after a work-week of devoting yourself to your goals, a nice weekend celebrating your accomplishments with the girls will do you well! Let the load off a little, boss babe!


An Aquarius moon has a very unique energy about them and might even label themselves as “aliens” or not of the norm, which is one of the reasons why they are so intriguing. They do not look to fit in with the mainstream and might even rebel against it. They crave independence and freedom and usually chose work that provides both aspects. They are not one to work for something they don’t believe in or find fascinating. They need to be mentally stimulated as they are natural collectors or knowledge. Although they can seem outer-worldly, they also have a charm about them that makes others want to know more. Aquarius moons make for loyal friends, great travel buddies and great conversations.


Our girls with an inner mermaid spirit—a.k.a Pisces moon—are known to be intuitive, artistic, sensual and a bit “spaced out.” Some may view them as vulnerable, but their compassionate heart is everything but! They see themselves in every person and deeply empathize with everyone, but if they don’t create solid boundaries, they can lose track of their own emotional needs. Spiritual studies and practices can be a great source of strength and empowerment for you as you seem to retreat to fantasy when things get tough. Yoga and meditation are great outlets to help you escape and ground yourself. Pisces moons can benefit from careers that allow their natural gifts to come to life! You might find yourself working as a writer, musician, yoga teacher, actress—you name it! The sky is the limit for your colorful soul!

Moon signs are my favorite part of astrology! I hope you found some things resonated with your inner you. 🙂

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