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Your VINA guide to your February forecast 💫

Hello, fabulous February! Aptly taking its name from the Latin word ‘februum,’ meaning purification, many vinas will be looking to purge negative habits and get back on track this month—and in more ways than one. Perhaps those New Year’s resolutions fell woefully by the wayside.  And did we mention the diet? Nay? It’s time to slay!

The month begins with a New Moon on the 4th, in the sign of the water bearer, Aquarius. This is a great time to free yourself from whatever is holding you back, embrace positive changes and reconnect with your gal tribe. The Full Moon in Virgo on the 19th is a fantastic time to clear out any chaos in your life, learn to be more accepting of your imperfections and surrender the need to control everything. Time to go with the flow, vinas!

What themes to expect this February? Here’s your personalized horoscope to take you through to the end of the month.


Happy Birthday adorable Aqua! It’s your time to shine this month, with the New Moon on the 4th in Aquarius and Mercury in your sign until the 10th.  This month could bring a new opportunity or long-held dream closer to fruition (there may be more than one). This could be the chance to start a new chapter of some kind: to become the best version of your (great) self. Always looking to improve, look to anything which links to your passion for innovation, be it computer or technology related, humanitarian, caring, teaching or building things; All of these areas are very well starred. The Full Moon on the 19th highlights a need to work closely together with partners on issues including finances, debt and taxes. Finding balance is key.


The Sun makes its annual cycle through the 12th house, the home of your natal ruler, Neptune. You may have an active dream-world right now, and it’s a great time to start a diary. Your dreams may be giving you inspiration and advice! Self-reflection is the key theme in February, and compassion is called for around any sensitive situations. Beware of any hidden enemies. Birthday blessings are in order for early born Pisceans; The Sun moves into your own sign on the 19th. On the same day, we have a full Moon in Virgo, highlighting your 7th house of partnerships, meaning intimacy is on your mind. With the Mercury and Neptune conjunction in your sign, beware that you may be more sensitive and emotional than usual. Find a creative outlet to express and vent your feelings.


This month is a great time to find new friendships (Hey! VINA, anyone?) join groups with shared interests and explore anything that piques your curiosity. The theme of the 11th house is hopes and dreams. Perhaps you’re looking to meet new and like-minded vinas who share your hopes? That’d be a great thing to do right now. It’s a great time to start a new exercise regime or project with your partner around the Full Moon on the 19th. Mars is in your sign until the 14th, so whatever you’re interested in starting, the energy is all yours right now, adorable Aries. Time to slay those New Year’s resolutions.  Just go easy on those you love—they might not be able to keep up!


Matters of career are at the forefront for you until the 18th. And with the New Moon on the 4th, this could mean changes are a-comin’ for you, beautiful bull. Things may be feeling somewhat unpredictable on the work front with Uranus due to move back into your sign in March. Things may feel all work and no play up until the Full Moon on the 19th, which lights your fifth house of creativity and fun. Set your inner child free—it’s time to get expressive! With Mercury and Venus making harmonious links to your Sun during the month, love and lightness are on your mind. A short vacay around Valentine’s Day would be perfect for you, with the sensual Taurus Moon on the 13th connecting sweetly to Venus in Capricorn.


Travel or learning may be on your mind this month, gregarious Gemini. And Mercury is perfectly placed in fellow air sign Gemini, shining a light of approval on your plans. Vinas may be part of these plans—perhaps you’re working on something together, or you may require a short journey for work. Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to travel; You’ll find the place you go resonates with your passions. The New Moon on the 4th means you may even be drawn to a destination that is your spiritual home or that people from different cultures may figure strongly and positively. There’s a focus on your domestic life on the Full Moon of the 19th; A need to balance work/responsibilities with pleasure should be your focus.


Heavy matters may be playing on your mind this month, caring Cancer. This New Moon on the 4th highlights intimacy and financial matters, especially relating to your partner. With Saturn in Capricorn opposing to your Sun, you may feel challenged by work matters. As stressful as this is, remember it is building your strength of character.  Around the 19th, communications will increase, errands may need to be run and activity around siblings is heightened. You could be called on for support or be reconnecting in a positive way. Remember to find a balance to free up the time you need to do the things you most enjoy. Once the Sun moves into Pisces on the 19th, you’re feeling more philosophical, and there’s a chance to take a much-needed break or start a new study.


This month is focused on relationships and intimacy, lovely lioness. The New Moon and Mercury in Aquarius put a close partnership in the spotlight. Perhaps you are looking to combine resources with a loved one, move in together or make a significant joint purchase. Materialistic matters and money are on your mind around the 19th, when you’ll need to be aware of what makes you comfortable and what you’re comfortable with. Comfort zones will be a major theme for you in February, and it’s important to get your house in order, as the focus from the 19th will be on balancing joint finances.


This month the Sun is in your sixth house: the natural home of Virgo. Often referred to as the sign of service, this month should give you the opportunity to improve the areas you are of service, be that of work or to loved ones. The New Moon on the 4th is also a great time to start something new, be it work, a project or a fitness regime. And with the lovely Venus in Capricorn making a beautiful angle to your Virgo Sun during the month, whatever you start this month should definitely bring you pleasure, virtuous Virgo. The Full Moon on the 19th is in your own sign, so the focus is on your own needs. This is a good time to work on your self-assertiveness and communicate your needs in a firm but loving manner.


February is a month of contradictions for you, lovely Libra. You’re likely to be feeling light-hearted and creative around the New Moon on the 4th. You’re inspired and coming up with new ideas. Make sure you’re around people who give you a sense of play and youthfulness—creative types, children and pets are all well-starred. You may feel inclined to plan activities for social gatherings and be creatively inclined until around mid-month, when the Full Moon on the 19th brings more intensity. This is a good time to take a walk in nature, to recharge and reflect on what you really want from life.


Home is definitely where the heart is this month, sensual Scorpio. You may not be feeling very sociable in February.  You’ll be keen to try new recipes, enjoy good food or simply spend time behind closed doors with close family and loved ones.  This is a good time to express feelings and emotions to loved ones. Around the Full Moon on the 19th, you may suddenly find friends are in the spotlight; Perhaps you’ve outgrown a friendship and are looking to find more likeminded souls—get to checking out the Hey! Vina app. This would be a good time to join a new interest group with similar goals or to sign up for a humanitarian cause.


February is a month of communication for you, sparkling Sag. Siblings, friends and those you consider as family feature strongly at this time.  Perhaps you’re planning a short trip or have returned from one in late January, and it’s just what you need to revitalise. The Full Moon on the 19th brings a career matter into focus. It could be that your work gets noticed. Or you’re asked to step into a position of responsibility at work, or perhaps a new opportunity arises which offers great promise. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, one thing is for sure — this is a great year to expand your horizons and go after your heart’s desires.


Possessions and items of value are in the limelight this month, Capricorn. You might be keen to beautify your home or make a significant purchase, and this would be a great time to do so.  A financial boost or desire to boost your income is positively indicated and could be on the cards, too—which is likely to be music to the ears of the ambitious mountain goat.  The Full Moon on the 19th sees you shift your focus from material and money matters to seek out expansion through mind or travel. You may be learning, exploring or revisiting spiritual beliefs and philosophies or even become interested in distant cultures. You’re ready to take on a new adventure in one of these areas, and it’s good for you.

Whatever your plans, stay fierce and fabulous this February, sweet vinas! Download Hey! Vina to meet your new gal-pal and discuss your horoscope of the month!

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