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The two best friends talk to VINAZINE about yoga, the importance of community, and why 2019 is going to be a great year for creativity!
For Brittany Deanda and Tara Schulenberg, two best vinas from Los Angeles, CA, their friendship story started early. Meeting at a ballet class when they both were just 12 years old, the two besties are now high vibrational lifestyle experts, yogis who practice Kundalini yoga and co-founders of the mind/body/spirit podcast, Elevate the Globe.
We talked everything from astrology, to what exactly Kundalini yoga is, to how they found their tribe. Check it out!
Q: Let’s start with your career paths and how you found your love for yoga. Did you both find Kundalini yoga at the same time?
Britt: I was working in sales/marketing until I found Kundalini and really dove into the practice about nine years ago. I started High Vibe Livin’ which was the name of Elevate the Globe until about a year and a half ago. I really knew I wanted to help elevate others through this practice because it transformed my life so much and helped me to release addictions and changed how I felt dramatically.
Tara: I began to dive into astrology first about five years ago, and then found out about Kundalini through Britt and started practicing in San Francisco where I was living at the time. We went to John of God in NY together and received all of the messages and downloads about us working together to create what is now Elevate The Globe.

Q: What is Kundalini yoga for us newbie yogis?
A: Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness, and it is a very an ancient practice that uses the technologies of breathwork, movement and mantra. It was the first yoga created, and this practice works the fastest for someone to reach a higher consciousness because of the holistic science that works on all of the 10 bodies, all of the internal systems and mind. We have found and seen first hand that kundalini yoga will accelerate one into a spiritual awakening and open up many doors that were not accessible before.

Q: How can Kundalini help a person?
A: Kundalini can help each and every one of us to rewire our subconscious mind and change our patterning (sometimes picked up in childhood) and bring us into higher vibrational energy quickly, through the breath, postures, meditation and mantra. We hear so many stories through our online communities of how this practice has changed their lives—we always have to pause and really read what people say because there are so many and they are all so miraculous.
Q: Hey! VINA is all about helping vinas find their community. Why is community important to you both?
A: Community is so important to us because it helps us to elevate each other and bring awareness to so many places around the globe. We are all so much stronger together than we are alone. When you are awakening your Kundalini energy and experiencing ascension, it’s important to have someone to share and talk about it all with to feel safe, grounded and secure. It’s also part of this Aquarian Age we’re now in—connecting in the community and sharing ourselves with others to remember we are not separate beings, we are all the same, all made of energy and all connected through one consciousness.

Q: Did you ever deal with loneliness? What helped you through it?
A: Oh yes!! Loneliness is all a part of the process and we went through it, definitely. We are still building our new tribe as we are evolving but, ultimately, we found that healing and self-love allows us to find peace and company within ourselves so that no matter what, we feel full and supported.
Loneliness is a lower vibration and, no matter what lower vibration we are working to heal, it starts with going within and doing the energy work to clear blocks or stagnant energy within the corresponding chakras that relate to whatever lower emotion you’re going through, to elevate to a higher frequency energy and emotion. It’s all a process.
Then after we work on a subconscious energetic level, we do the conscious mindset work. We practice the Law of Attraction with everything in our lives, so if you are feeling lonely and focusing on how alone you are, that is what you will feel more of. If you want to move through the loneliness, focus on what you want and on the relationships you do have. Focus on love and connection and visualize what that looks and feels like. And have fun! Sometimes we get too serious and when we are enjoying the journey and connecting to joy, everything flows easier! Whatever makes you feel joyful we always suggest adding more of that and anything that’s not, get rid of it.
Q: Why do you think loneliness is on the rise?
A: A lot of people are searching outside of themselves and always looking for approval from others but lacking actual human connection. Happiness is our birthright and this feeling and knowing can only truly come from the self. You must go within to see what parts of yourself are calling out for your attention and work with yourself from the inside out.
It’s so cool to see energy work and mindfulness on the rise and we see that as the start of releasing the loneliness so many feel. The culture in the U.S. especially is much more soloed than other countries where families and communities are very close-knit. It takes intention and energy to connect and make community a priority, but there are so many ways not to feel alone. It’s one of the main reasons we have created this community: to help more people find connection online and in-person. There are so many ways to connect, it’s just about putting yourself out there and attracting like-minded and hearted people! Social media helps so much to find your tribe! Many people can see social media as being anti-social but we feel just the exact opposite–it’s just a new way of being social with others and connecting with people from around the globe.
Q: How important is having your “tribe” in terms of finding your personal happiness?
A: Having a tribe is all about love and support.  We are human beings that thrive on connection but, ultimately, it starts with us first. Personal happiness is about you and not anything outside of yourself. When we love ourselves and allow ourselves to heal through whatever it is we carry with us, we are able to give and receive love at a high capacity. Then having your tribe makes life so much better and more fun!
Q: What sparked your interest in astrology?
Tara: I have always been interested in and fascinated by the stars, the planets and what’s going on out in the universe since I was a little girl. My mom actually had my chart written up when I was young and, when I held it in my hands, it was some sort of remembrance—I knew this information and how to utilize it. I’ve always turned to astrology and numerology to help me understand the world around me, and it was a system I was just naturally drawn to help me understand myself and others.
Britt: I use it to be in harmony with the energy of the planet and I love to use Kundalini to align with the energy of the astrology through the meditations and kriyas I’m doing. I love feeling the energy and using my intuition and then seeing how it matches up and aligns with what’s going on!! Tara knows my whole chart and does all the astrology for our business and timing, so it’s great having her as a resource for it all.

Q: What astrology signs do you see having a great 2019? Why?
A: All of them! We deeply believe in the Law of Attraction, remember? Everyone will have a good year if they want to and focus their energy on it!
This year in numerology is a 3 year which is all about creative self-expression, being social and connecting with others, and expansion…so we can ALL use this energy to upgrade our lives. Of course, we all align differently to the planets with our signs but overall, if we are tapping into ourselves and our surroundings, we trust that everything—even the perceived challenges—is truly a blessing! Overall, this will be an easier year for everyone at a universal level than 2018. Last year was an 11/2 year which called for massive spiritual growth and awakening…which can leave some of us grumpy and feeling alone. This year will be so much more fun, and we know so many people are already feeling this creative, social energy.
If you want to connect with other yoga-lovers in your area, be sure to join our Yogis Community on Hey! VINA and start swiping. Your tribe is waiting for you, no matter your interests or hobbies. Join, swipe and make plans!
First photo courtesy of Ashley Streff.

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