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Chatting with a brand-new vina can be nerve-racking. Skip the small talk with these 5 icebreakers!

You swiped right on a fellow vina’s profile and you both have exchanged numbers. Now the anxiety kicks in because you want to build a friendship, and this doesn’t happen overnight. So how to go about breaking the stifled first texts and start getting your vina to open up—and vice versa? Here are five icebreakers you can use next time you match with someone on Hey! VINA.


It may seem very open-ended, but that’s the beauty of this icebreaker. These four words will open the door to your vina showing you who she is. What they choose to disclose and include in their answer will say a lot about who they are as a person, and it gives them a chance to show their inner self without pressure. Take a tip from the great conversationalists and lead off with this inquiry.


We are constantly changing as humans. We desire more or less as we grow up. Think of this question as a means to lay the cards out on the table. This question sets the tone for how you are to go about approaching your new friendship. We all require something from the connections we create; this question helps your vina understand where you are coming from and vice versa. You can see the type of woman that they are, what they represent and what they could offer in a friendship. Boundaries are set because the person can also tell you what they refuse to tolerate. Everyone wants a beautiful friendship, and even though it isn’t always perfect, that level of respect and any other unique qualities a person is seeking is what matters most.


Goals are what drive us forward in life. When you ask a fellow vina what their personal resolutions are and how they are working to achieve them, it shows you are genuinely interested in getting to know them as a person. Plus, the answers they give can be a gauge to see if your own goals interests align with their own.

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Here is another simple, yet effective question that will reveal more about your new friend. Now, do not go on to ask this question, then leave it at that. Elaborate more on the subject. Bring up your own birthday, and also ask about their plans for their next birthday (shows interest). For the zodiac lovers, this could also let you know how compatible you are, astrologically. That said, I don’t advice looking into natal charts and reading your vina like a book so soon (if you don’t know what those are, look them up—they are so cool!), but I do believe zodiac signs can give you the slightest glimpse into a person’s personality. Another beautiful reason why this question rocks? Well, this lets your new friend know that you plan on being a friend for the long haul, a consistent true friend. I mean, you are already thinking ahead, caring about their birthday and hope to eventually celebrate with them, and vice versa. This question will truly let your potential new vina know you are the real deal.


After you’ve slightly peppered your vina with the above questions, get to it and set that VINA date. What she responds to this question says a lot about your fellow vina and can also hint toward any possible hobbies you both share. For example, if you are both foodies, ask her what her favorite lunch or dinner spot is.  If you both love to get pampered, spa dates are super cute. And for my fellow creatives, a sip and paint date are a wonderful idea. So, try to open up a conversation about the first dates, toss around some ideas and meet up to have a great time.

It can be hard breaking the ice—these five questions will definitely get the ball rolling so you and your vina can start getting to know each other! By the time you both meet in person, you could get a feeling for who they are. Building a friendship takes time, but you can get over the awkward phase by asking questions that dig deeper. Small talk can get annoying to some, so these questions cover some of the basics. These queries will make you look open and interested in potentially finding and landing a lifetime friend. I wish all you vinas out there luck and success with your fellow matches!

Have a go at these icebreakers by swiping with new vinas on the Hey! VINA app today! 


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