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How this vina's journey led her to download the app and make meaningful connections.

The world around us is so incredibly fast-paced. You wake up to the sound of your alarm, walk down to your kitchen and drink coffee already made from your Keurig, ask your Alexa, Google or other device how the weather is and if you’ll need a coat or umbrella—living your life simply unattached to the idea that life now is so different than it was before. Just like our technology runs our small tasks like waking us up and pouring our coffee, it also runs some important aspects of life, especially our interpersonal connections and relationships with others. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter are friendship and connection-keeping icons in our generation, but I often wonder: what kind of world do we live in that I see my friends or family member more online than in person? What kind of generation describes relationships through what’s on your mind—or with statuses and boomerang videos?

As a mother of four daughters, a wife, mental health therapist and a full time PhD student, I one day woke up to all of these technological facilitation applications and made the realization that although my friends list said 300, my phone contacts list said 10 (mostly co-workers, my parents, my husband and my sister). I have not created real connections with people for a long time—even with those filling the pages of my social media and that I’ve known for years. Could I ever call any of these people if I needed help or a friend? No, the answer was, no I couldn’t.

At that moment, I really analyzed my life and found that I was a workaholic who was missing having true friends. I wanted truly meaningful connections with ladies other than my mom, sister and daughters, and I felt sad and disappointed in myself that I fell into the social media cycle that kept me away from having these friendships. As I searched ways on how to correct this and how to even start looking for friends—do I go to a bar and pick up a girl? Didn’t sound like my brightest idea—I came up with so many random ideas but then said to myself, why not simply use the technology that we love so much for something meaningful? And that’s when I knew I needed Hey! VINA in my life.

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I had heard of this app from my sister and, once downloaded, I was head over heels with its ease of use and accessibility. I was thrilled to know that I can read profiles of other ladies like myself also looking for besties, and I can find personalities that I feel match best with mine. I am glad to say I have made three really amazing friends, and they have brought such color and life to that part of me that was basically empty before. I couldn’t have asked for a better way to meet friends.

Hey! VINA really understood what needing friends means; Making connections is all about realness and the willingness to be open. With the app’s ability to send messages and even give you tips and ideas on how to meet, it made the process so fun and enjoyable. My favorite part of the app is the quizzes—they really help tell the ladies on the app more about you, as well as have you learn more about them. So, if you’re reading this and you’re a workaholic mom like I was, or a vina just ready to make friendships that last past the pages of social media, join the world of Hey! VINA and, just like me, you’ll be glad you did.

What are you waiting for? Download Hey! VINA to get the app that gets you offline and making real connections in no time. 

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