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Why self care is the new sexy.

Emotionally drained: That is the feeling after a long day at work, a messy break-up, family drama, or maybe even that flaw that you think you have that you can’t get over. Spending your energy within these situations will take away your joy in things that matter— and will prevent you from achieving that necessary growth. Emotions make themselves known so much that your physical health will start to show it. Prevent yourself from going into that dark place, and start taking care of yourself from the inside out, vinas. Get started and put these practices in place in order to be emotionally healthier.


There is something about saying “no” that induces a feeling of freedom. Saying no is a moment in which you have decided to take control. Say no to procrastination, because saying yes won’t get you to your final goal, it will only delay you, or cut your opportunities. Say no to talking crap about yourself, understand that you are in charge of you and that beautiful changes begin on your own terms and with the right attitude. By saying no, you are creating boundaries around your emotional health, allowing yourself options. Say no when you are not in agreement, uncomfortable with a certain situation, or because you have decided to put yourself first when it comes to your needs.

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When traveling, I know for a fact that there are luggage restriction: no more than 50 lbs per luggage. Don’t even get me started on the consequences if you go over the limit. Now think about that, and apply it to your life. Don’t take on more than you can handle. Your brain, body and soul can only take so much until you start seeing the consequences.
Some examples of overloading your luggage include: covering for someone at work after your long shift, gossiping, taking on too many jobs and accepting a myriad of social invitations.

Do you usually take tasks and obligations from others? Remember that you come first. It is okay to know when you have enough on your plate, and when to let things go to keep you from having a meltdown. One project at a time, vinas. So travel light; Remember that less is more and happy is better 🙂


I am not just talking about dating, but also friendships that keep you from becoming the awesome person you are meant to be. When relationships become all-take-no-give, then it is definitely time for a change. Surround yourself with a reliable support system in which you can be free to show your emotions when the time comes up. Constant judging in a relationship can leave you emotionally drained and can make you lose confidence in yourself. Knowing your worth, and understanding respect, will keep your friendships healthy and your mind fresh.

Choose your emotional outfits wisely, wear your happiness and show off your confidence. Remember that taking care of yourself makes you attractive—and there is nothing more attractive than being healthy.

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