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Time to get back in the real world, vinas!

I find it strangely ironic that as an adult, we rush to do the things that were considered punishment when we were children. “Lights out by 8 p.m.” – DONE, “change out of your school clothes (read: work clothes) as soon as you hit the door” – EASY. But of all those things, the best is calling your own movie night. Netflix anyone?! Binge watching has become the new national pastime and the only way to stay ahead of those potential water-cooler spoilers. However, too much binge watching can rot your brain – or so my mother would say. I’m joking of course, but I have found at least five signs that it may be time to get off your couch and do something involving sun, fresh air and dare I say it, people. Drum-roll, please……

#5: You’ve memorized the trending movies section. Not only do you have your own lineup in mind, but you’ve scrolled through the options so many times, you’ve committed completely worthless information to memory.

#4: The couch has now formed a perfect bucket seat indentation around your rump. This is only achieved by pro binge watchers, ladies and gents.

#3: No calls, please. Your friends have grown so used to your Netflix nights, they know not to call between certain times because your phone is always on silent. That’s some serious “Do Not Disturb” action!

#2: Your refrigerator consists only of wine and condiments. I totally support the wine, but condiments? I thought we left that life behind us in college?

#1 – You have no idea what the weather is outside. You’ve been in your movie-watching mode, shades drawn, curled up on the couch spot for so long, the outside world has become a figment of your imagination. Is that rain? Snow? Sleet? Hurricane? No idea.

All in all, Netflix can be an amazing experience where you can go into your own world letting everything else around you fade away. But it can also be a black hole keeping you from enjoying life’s greater adventures. Go outside and enjoy it!!!! Netflix will still be there when you get back. I promise 😊

Here is the perfect first step to your grand Get-Out-of-Bed mission: Check out the Hey! VINA app and start swiping now!!

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