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Your go-to gift guide for all the vinas in your life.

Whether you have know your vina for months or just met, you want to get her something special. Sometimes even for the people we know the best, we may have trouble finding them the perfect gift. Here’s a cheat sheet of things to buy a few different types of vinas.


This is the vina that hits the gym five days a week. She loves to catch a Zumba class at any opportunity she gets. Slinking away to her hot yoga class is on her daily to-do list. This vina can be super fun to shop for! If you know what type of activity she likes, you can get her accessories to complement her routine. Grabbing things as simple as facial wipes, deodorant, travel size shampoo and conditioner, body splash, and a spray bottle of rosewater can be a heaven-sent to this vina. Think of what can keep her feeling her freshest after that workout sesh. Trust me! She will be grateful on that day she forgets her deodorant.

Photograph by Freepik


This vina is the one that knows her way around the kitchen. She most likely loves to cook and experiment with new recipes. For this vina, I highly recommend an experience gift: A gift where you can experience a new cuisine together. It’s a great way for you two to get some more bonding time, try something new, and you already know she’ll be game for it!


This is going to probably be the most unconventional idea for a gift, but you (and your vina) are going to love it. You know when your vina tells you she needs to go to the supermarket and pick up napkins, toilet paper, an onion, cat litter, eggs, toothpaste, bagged lettuce, and bobby pins? Okay, maybe you don’t know that vina specifically, but she’s out there. She’s the one that always needs to stop at the store to pick something up. So pick it up for her. It sounds cheesy, but how cool would it be to have your vina show up at your door with a 16-pound bag of cat food? That’s pricey and heavy, and you know that she needs it. Think of it as a care package that you are sending to your most loved vina. You want to help her get the dreaded shopping out of the way by just doing it for her. You are such a peach!!


Everyone knows that the holidays are not about the gifts, and it is more than likely your vina won’t even be expecting something from you. The truth is, it is so much more fun to give than to receive. Sometimes giving the most underrated and unthinkable gifts actually makes the perfect gift. And when all else fails – GIFT CARDS. Everyone loves a gift card!!

Yes, the BESTEST gift cannot be left unmentioned Рa perfect holiday vina date! Hop over to the Hey! VINA app right now to plan a Christmas get-together!

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