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When I thought about this question, the first person that came to mind was Beyonce. I must admit I felt intimidated just thinking of being Yonce’s BFF. I realized that what I value most in a friendship is reciprocation, first of all. I don’t wanna feel like I’m friends with a ghost. And secondly, availability. Let’s be honest, Yonce is a busy girl. And we both have small kids. It sounds practical but if it’s not gonna be work, it’s gonna be performing at Blue’s school. I’d spend more time with her as her assistant.

I thought about it and thought about it some more, and I was watching Overboard one Sunday afternoon and I thought, this girl is the ILLEST. Anna Faris is absolutely my favourite celeb in the world right now. She’s funny, quirky, and doesn’t try too hard. Plus her baby daddy is Chris Pratt, and who doesn’t want to hang out with Star-Lord every once in a while?


We both have steady working hours, so we both kind of have an idea of when we would be working and when we will have time off. We would never be each other’s second choice.

She is absolutely hilarious.  She enjoys making people laugh, I enjoy laughing. Vina match made in heaven!

We share the same philosophy on life which is “Surround yourself with people that are loving and people that you love”. Out with negativity, in with love. That’s a thumbs up from me, Ms. Faris.

We’re both very chill. Her twitter feed (if you don’t follow her on twitter yet, make sure you do- @AnnaKFaris) is essentially a photo-mentary of her life. We definitely have the same idea about

She has a podcast called “Unqualified”!! It won the Shorty Award for best Podcast in 2017. She interviews celebrities and cultural figures and gives listeners relationship and other advice. I don’t have anything to say about how we’re the same here, I just wanted to give her some free publicity because I love her.

We are both moms so doing the mom run for each other would not be a problem – provided that we lived close to each other.

And to convince everyone that we are each other’s spirit animals, we both love cooking, we’re both short and we both have mom crushes on Reese Witherspoon and Kristen Bell!


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