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What does this coming year have in store for you?

Ah, sweet Jupiter. The largest of our solar system’s planets sure packs a positive punch when it comes to astrology. And it’s time get excited, vinas. Tomorrow, November 8th the majestic planet will be shifting signs, ending over a year-long transit in Scorpio to begin a new cycle in the sign that he traditionally rules, Sagittarius. And he’ll stay at home in Sagittarius until December 2019. Jupiter is known to expand everything he touches, but what does the mighty planet’s jump from the water sign to the fire sign mean for you? Hold tight, vinas and let’s take a peek at where Jupiter’s luck will shine for you over the next twelve months….


Lucky Scorpio – you have been encountering a dusting of Jupiter’s sparkly stardust since last October. Expansion has likely focused on improving your outer self and how you’re perceived by the world. Your persona has likely undergone some positive (but not always easy) transformations over the last few years. Jupiter has been helping you to decide how you want to go out into the world and express your true self, enabling you to let go of what doesn’t serve you and shining a light on your unique talents. The second house focus of this transit highlights your personal finance, earning systems, and your possessions. Now Jupiter is moving into the second house of Taurus, your focus will be on improving your financial situation which will flow naturally from your renewed self-worth and self-esteem. Whatever talents you’ve been wanting to share with the world, now is the time to make the push forward and grow!


It’s almost your birth time of year, sweet Sagittarius! And what better excuse to celebrate than the return of Jupiter to your sign, the place he so happily rules? Yes, jovial Jupiter is back at home! Last seen in Sagittarius back in 2006 & 2007, his return after an 11 year hiatus means expansion is about to become reality for you – and you’ll feel it in so many ways. What do you most want? This time is about what really drives you, whether that be a job, travel, study, new relationship or new house etc., Jupiter is showering you with the luck and sprinkling on the glitter to make it all happen! Many of you will have been focusing on some type self-healing over the last year and Jupiter is acknowledging the hard work you’ve done. Your self-confidence and sunny optimism is coming back, Sagittarius. Make the most of having beautiful Jupiter at home, illuminating the path for you this coming year. Travel, study, learning a new language, and joining a group of like-minded people all bode so well for you. Just don’t take on more than you can manage!



Having experienced Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius back in 2017, which was a difficult time of internal soul searching for some Capricorns, Jupiter is now bringing much more lightness to your inner world in your 12th house, meaning you are increasingly interested in expanding your inner world and exploring your hidden talents. It might be that you’re looking to help others through a worthy cause or a plight, or perhaps you’re feeling driven to further research a subject which has fascinated you for a long while. Subjects like astrology have much to offer you right now, when it comes to self-learning and insight. Your dreams may be more vivid lately – start a dream diary to document what your unconscious mind is trying to tell you. This is a time for expansion on a spiritual level and you will be drawn to all that is hidden. Allow yourself to explore this inner world through art, meditation, yoga and self-affirmations. This is an excellent time to cleanse your inner self and let go of past hurts to heal your inner child and move forward with renewed faith.


As a naturally inquisitive person who is fascinated by what makes people tick, this 11th house transit is going to ensure you meet people who inspire and uplift you, helping you to become a better person and expand your mental and physical horizons. How is that possible? Well, through your participation in groups, movements and new (possibly unusual) friendships will form, and suddenly your world will start to expand in ways you never imagined. Your close friendship group may also grow now – get checking that Vina app! It’s through pursuing the things that bring a spring to your step that you’ll meet inspirational types, and your soul will sing! Be it a hobby, supporting a not-for-profit, or simply being there for people who need your care. That inner glow of goodness is drawing others in. What started as a hobby may turn into a venture, or you may be asked to step up your responsibilities in any group you are a part of. You’re more than capable and admirable, Aquarius! Jupiter is giving his blessing to your new connections.


Jupiter is beautifully illuminating your 10th house of ambition and career, Pisces. This could mean a year of fun and much achievement professionally, and a time of excellent camaraderie with colleagues, both at work and socially. Or are you about to embark on a much-anticipated career break? Whatever it is you have planned, it’s a case of money and pleasure combining to make happy times for you. If your career has been stagnant, get ready for some positive changes which come about through Jupiter’s transit of your tenth house. Whatever happens during Jupiter’s transit to your tenth house will clear the way to a positive career for you in the coming years. Whether it’s extra responsibility at work, or more of a work/life balance you’re looking for, Jupiter is working behind the scenes to make it happen for you. Welcome the changes with open arms!


As a freedom loving sign, Jupiter’s move into your ninth house will be a welcome visit, opening your mind to new and exciting possibilities. Be it travel, study, or self-expansion. You will be feeling more philosophical about life than usual and this will be uplifting to those around you. But be careful not to take on more than you can complete, as you may be feeling more optimistic and altruistic than usual. People from diverse cultures will bring new perspectives to your life, expanding your horizons to new and exciting opportunities. With such a positive outlook, you’ll be able to achieve lots. Set yourself some ambitious goals. This year is truly about expansion, both physical and mental!


Jupiter’s arrival in your eighth house of shared resources and power is helping to ease any power struggles you have had in recent times around issues including joint finances, loans, and taxes. This marks a positive change for you financially in many ways, Taurus. Jupiter’s transit here will also allow a personal transformation of all kinds in psychological matters, giving you to a chance to practice self-healing and to relate to and support loved ones on an emotional level, allowing for a deeper level of intimacy and connection. A bright light shines on any shared resources that you have, be it with loved ones, family, or business partners.

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How better to start a Jupiter transit to the seventh house of partnerships than with those who mean the most to you, Gemini? Significant others and partnerships are being highlighted over the next year. Could an engagement be on the way? Or perhaps the proposal has already happened, and the excitement of wedding planning is brewing nicely. If you’re unattached, Jupiter could present someone who seems perfect for you. On a platonic level, a business partnership could suddenly improve or become a reality. This period is about a meeting of like minds, and building partnerships based on mutual care, communication, and trust. You’re moving to a lovely place of understanding and relating in your life, Gemini. Jupiter gives you reason to believe in partnerships, love, and romance. Oh, and you’ll enjoy some play too!


If you’ve been feeling a little heavy of late, Cancer, this could be due to some of the outer planets in hard angles to your natal sun. Jupiter makes a welcome visit to your 6th house, giving you a light respite from the responsibilities you’ve perhaps felt weighing heavy over you in the last few months. The sixth house is the house of daily routines, work, and health and all these areas are ones that are asking for your attention this year – for the better. Improvements and reward will come from reviewing your daily routine and making time for self-care, exercise, nutrition, and being of service to others. Colleagues or employees may prove to be beneficial to you this coming year.


It’s time to play, lively Leo! The lush lioness of the zodiac, you certainly enjoy letting your mane down and having fun every so often. Whether it be with your vinas, or your kids. And this transit is all about lighthearted fun. You’re more magnetic than usual (is that, like, even possible?) and people are drawn to your sunny personality. Time to magic up some new sun-filled friendships, lighthearted romantic interests, or new creative endeavors. Your creativity and self-expression are heightened significantly at this time. It’s definitely a great time to create whatever your heart desires. From a piece of art, to planning a new family, the fifth house transit of Jupiter blesses pleasure seeking activities.


The fourth house focus of Jupiter’s transit is illuminating your roots, family, and home matters, virtuous Virgo. What does home mean to you? And what do you need to change to make your home, well, more homey? What steps can you take to feel more at home, both physically and emotionally? Are you happy where you live? If not, a move could certainly be in the cards for you this year, Virgo. Home and family matters are well starred for you over the coming year. You may be spending more time with family or those you consider family, and attending to family matters or events. The focus of Jupiter could mean a focus on nostalgia, perhaps uncovering childhood issues or discovering interesting stories about your family’s history. A key factor this transit is establishing security, and you will take steps to put down roots which bring you peace of mind and stability.


Jupiter’s visit to your third house promises a busy year of being very much in demand, lovely Libra. Siblings, study, communications, and writing are all in the spotlight for you this year. Are you ready for your circle of close friends to want even more of your presence? Yes, that’s right, with your natural charm, amazing sense of style, tact, and diplomacy skills, there are many people wanting a slice of your time this year. Messages, short trips, and gifts are all well starred for you during this transit. But make sure you prioritize some down time to recover! Family times are well starred, as are get-togethers. If you don’t have anything planned yet, your siblings may be the ones to pleasantly surprise you! And if that isn’t enough for you, your neighbors or those who live close by may become more involved in your life too – the more the merrier!


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