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For the vinas reconnecting with their womanhood or connecting for the first time.

For decades the female body has been sexualized. The media, especially Hollywood has portrayed certain body images as beautiful and sexy and others as not. While the music of our generation has constantly belittled our “temple,” making it seem disposable to men.

As we are taught to guard our own bodies – by our well-meaning teachers, families or friends, our sexuality drifts further away from us. We are reminded constantly, that if we dress with less, it is taken as a sign of easy access. But our bodies are not objects to be guarded or accessed. In fact, sexy has nothing to do with “access.” When we want to feel sexy, we can own our sensual nature to whichever extent we feel like it, just for our own enjoyment. We are entitled to own our body to its full potential just for its own sake.

We Are Complex. We Are Divine. We are SEXY.

There was a time when I was told, “You shouldn’t dress the way you dress if you don’t want to be noticed by the opposite sex.” That perspective stuck with me for some time and I allowed that belief to take away my sexuality. I thought that if I didn’t want to be taken advantage of again, I should look less appealing. I now know that showing off my curves doesn’t mean I’m asking for it. This awakening of the female voice, a voice that’s always been strong but is only just now being heard (moment of silence for the women who fought for our right to use that voice), has helped me reconcile with some past traumas and has made me feel like a woman in all its deepest meanings.

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With the help of the empowering females speaking up and out against catcalling, assault, and rape, I have never felt more ALIVE in my female body. Overall, feeling sexy and getting in touch with your sexuality isn’t just about what you wear, it’s also about being comfortable and confident in the skin you’re in. With that being said, here are a few things to try at home to connect with the inner and outer divine sexuality…your secret superpower. 😉


I have always felt very connected to my body while dancing. On my best days, I love to just put on some powerful music and dance it out in front of my mirror! Tribal dancing and belly dancing is very much all in your lower body- which connects us to our root and is great for grounding ourselves – it’s no wonder ancient tribes did a lot of hip and belly movements within their dance. They knew the connection and the feminine benefits to our health and well-being. Buti yoga is a bit of a mixture of the two and brings a little spice to our normal yoga workouts. Get your blood pumping, hips winding and set your inner Goddess free!


Have you ever given yourself a massage with avocado infused rose oil after a soothing lavender/epsom salt bath? Well maybe not, but I tend to be the type that buys a bunch of self-love items after reading self-love articles that pretty much put my shoes and jacket on for me and sends me off to Whole Foods to buy these items. However, if you don’t have these things around the house, organic lotion will do the trick. Who needs an expensive spa day when we can create our own spa! Light up the candles, turn on the relaxation tunes and massage away the worries. While massaging, visualize your favorite colors coming out of your hands and onto your body feeling full of love and light. Be romantic and patient with yourself. There’s nothing wrong with a little you time!


Now you don’t have to actually be naked to journal, but you should shed away the things that are guarding you from getting in touch with yourself. Strip down! It’s important to let go of fears. You may have created certain boundaries to protect yourself and they might’ve helped, but there is such a thing as too many boundaries – especially with yourself. What is it that’s repressing you? What are your desires? What do you love about your body? What isn’t your favorite part of your body? Why? Shine some light there. It’s all about becoming one with your traumas and healing. Are you ready to be free of your pain and make magic from it? The power to know yourself is the power to pleasure yourself.

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It is very essential that we allow ourselves the space to heal, but please don’t allow yourself to live in fear. It hinders the best parts of who you are as a woman and ultimately as a human. Don’t give “the negative” consent to control you, but rather gift yourself the positivity of living better and growing because of it. All because of your strength. That strength right there is sexy!

Live your best lives, vinas!

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  1. Naked journaling !! What a great way to bring true vulnerability and rawness to the surface, body and mind. Problem solving what parts of yourself you disguise and why. Notice things you never noticed about yourself and show it the love it deserves! 👏🏼🧞‍♀️ Really unique way to progress 🙂


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