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Tune into what is in store for you, this intense but playful month!

Mystical energies still fill the cool air after our fun, imagination-filled but slightly bumpy month of October. There might have been some desire to stay in our Halloween costumes a bit longer and just escape the real world- believe me, I feel the same! But behold, there is so much MORE to happen this coming month of November!

November is a month full of intensities, occult studies, prepping the body full of hearty foods and being thankful for all that your life has to offer! But beware of this month’s planetary rotations, as Venus finally goes direct November 16th after being in retrograde since October 5th which might’ve impacted our love lives, finances and impulses. Meanwhile, Neptune sets direct November 24th after being in retrograde since June 18th (whew, that was a long one) which might’ve caused us sensitivity, a bit of vulnerability and a weakening of our emotional boundaries with others. So as our hearts begin amending, our communication (it’s Mercury’s turn to be in retrograde) and our patience (Uranus sets in retrograde November 6th) will have to take the backseats. Lesson to be learned here? Hang on tight for more self discoveries, relationship and career awareness and a bit more karma to work through this month. The Universe obviously has a lot more to teach us!


As we enter the month of your rebirth, it is only your nature to want to reflect on rejuvenating, renewing and reawakening the soulful and intense energies you hold within and express it to the world! You may have a lot you want to establish this month and the creative alignment of the universe is here for you to get started and let it all out. Mars, which was your ruling planet until 1930, will play a huge role in your desire and passion this month, gifting you with an energy that is determined to fulfill your dreams. Though there will be moments this month that might get difficult, know this is all needed to make you stronger and wiser. A little advice for this month? Delve into your spiritual studies and healing and stay away from drama, as Uranus and Mercury will set in retrograde, making communication pretty exhausting and somewhat sticky.


Even if the past few months have created some ups and downs for you, it seems the stars are aligning just for you and you’re really coming into your true self! Nothing can hold you back. Leave the negative, self-critical thoughts behind, because this year can be YOUR YEAR to manifest your dreams. November will be quite a spiritual time for you, with Scorpio flowing into your 12th house of dreams, subconscious mind, and intuition. Libra season was a fun, flirty and reflection-filled time, and this month will put actions to your thoughts and desires. Tune into your psychic ability this month, as it will grant you the positive visions of your future. And if you find yourself a bit hesitant with which direction you would like to go in life – write down some of your goals before you hit the sheets, place the list under your pillow and allow your dreams to send you some signs. It’s all about connecting with your inner-spirit this month!



Dear Cap, you are at a time in your life where you are craving knowledge and desiring to live a more positive life, free of negative thoughts and people. You’ve been working a whole lot on yourself because of these desires, and luckily the month of November will present you with much discoveries and awakenings which will enlighten your future path. November will also be a pretty social month for you and might even inspire some volunteering to help those who are in need or help the environment- creating new experiences are not only great for your personal growth, but can also mark as a great resume booster! With much good karma coming your way, especially at the end of the month, your financial savings may also soar! So keep your energies high, the drama low and your hard work will keep – literally – paying off! $$$


November is a month of reawakenings for you, Aquarius with much concentration on your career and personal growth. There is much opportunity for connecting with like-minded people who may benefit your career status or provide much knowledge (which you so naturally crave) in that area. Although this is a great time for learning and new experiences, don’t make any huge decisions. Rather, just use this month as a meditation on your long-term goals. Network, enjoy some fun-filled vina dates and be mindful of your ambitions and your achievements. Some reflections on your family life may come to play and since this is the month built on thankfulness, be grateful for those in your life who celebrate and love you. Steer clear of wanting to voice any opinions that can cause some tensions. Stick with positivity only!


Ahh, our gentle Pisces is at a moment in the Universe where they may be pursuing travel, wisdom, mental exploration, and a desire to just be happy above all else! Usually focused on the emotional needs of others, your current being is more interested in your own pursuits and emotional needs and leaving the past all the way in the past. Make room for this new and ambitious gal, because you have much to conquer this year. Some relationships might be tested this month. And as Mercury sets in retrograde, it is best to be straightforward when communicating your need for the sake of some good ole YOU time, rather than causing stress between you and your loved ones by forcing time together. It is okay, dear Pisces, to not always cater to everyone’s needs for once. With so much going on in the Universe, it’s best to not make any drastic travel plans (even though you’re craving a faraway getaway) or huge career changes just yet, but do know your time will come. Sooner than you think. 😉



You are feeling pretty fiery this month, Aries. And after some of the hectic emotions of libra season, you are now ready to put the old to rest and make room for the new. You deserve to set your goals high and standards higher! Inner-work is always good for you to be mindful of and though you may be full of fire this month, let your aggression towards others die out a bit and practice a new approach. With an open, peaceful mind, you can be in store for some great luck and happiness this season. Accept the things you cannot change, but know things happen and make us only stronger in the end. Tune into your intellectual, connect with good-hearted people and allow the sensual scorpion energies fill your 5 senses!


You may be extra sensitive to others this month. Partnerships, relationships and how to mend any sores related to the two seem to be more on your mind, rather than your own personal wellness. You’re trying to adjust to people, places and things and make sense of it all. But some things are better left to be as they are. If we go around trying to make everyone else happy and healthy, it could really affect our own personal health and leave us feeling depleted. Your heart is in the right place, but boundaries must be created! Balance must be practiced. With all this rapid, high energy going on, head into your spiritual studies- yoga is your friend! You are in a social state this month, so connect with good, like-minded people. Meditation or art classes are the perfect settings to meet a BFF or soulmate- which this coming year sees in store for you. 😉 Surround yourself with beauty, positivity and the things that make you feel alive lovely Taurus, you deserve it.


All of your hard work has been paying off and coming to fruition! This month will bring all of your accomplishments to light which will present you with even more opportunities! But be careful in certain communication aspects as your ruling planet is heading in retrograde and might interfere with any plans or goals you have set this month. Don’t get too discouraged if some things don’t go as planned. The best advice for this month would be not to rush anything and to go about your days in a more relaxing pace. Your daily routine might be a bit off balance, but being mindful of your health and wellness will be beneficial. Maybe a little mind and body detox can do the trick. On the 23rd, the full moon falls into your sign, making you feel youthful and adventurous! A little getaway is in your future.



The month is looking pretty exciting and eventful for you, dearest Cancer. New job opportunities are on the way. Keep your dreams high and inspire your creative side! Maybe you’re over your current repetitive lifestyle and crave something fun and adventurous. Well, now until mid-November is the time to focus your mind on things that will make you feel happy and alive. Health can also play a role at the end of the month, but by simply enjoying life – such energies are a gift to your healing. Also by the end of November, you’re ready to put in the work to land that dream job of yours and your finances will also look on the bright side! The universe seems to be aligning for you, so be patient if things seem to be bumpy now. To lighten the mood and your mind, grab your girls and try a wax and wine class! Get social and be open to new experiences!


Home, family, emotional wellness may be your main focus for most of this month, which will help create the foundations needed for you to moving things forward in your love life and career aspirations. As Venus sets in forward motion on the 16th, things will start looking up for you! Making you feel more social and ready to mingle. For our Leos in relationships, now is a good time to head out with your significant other for a special date night or for our single Leos, set up a fun-filled vina date! You never know who you may meet. Take advantage of your creativity, being one of the most creative signs of the zodiac, it’s time to shine a light on those artistic ideas of yours! However, with Mercury heading into retrograde around the 17th, try to be mindful of your spending habits and any too-good-to-be-true opportunities. It is best to use this time to create foundations rather than jumping for new opportunities, but know you’re time will come.


Many changes seem to be approaching and most of these changes are internal and emotional. You have been working on your patience with the events going on in your immediate surroundings and it shows! A natural caretaker, your main focus for the next two months are on your home and family- which doesn’t seem out of the ordinary for you. You may be contemplating moving forward in a certain relationship, maybe thinking about a small getaway with your friends or family, what you want to do career-wise, and ways to optimize your health. These are all great things to think about! But as your ruling planet sets in retrograde mid-November, plans might not go exactly how you’d like them to. So avoid any actions until December- which will be a very action packed month for you! Keep your health on radar and it might be best for you to practice some self-love remedies.


Change is a good thing, but might seem scary at first. This month might stir the pot in a few different areas for you. Your love, financial, communication, and education might be out of your ordinary, but in a way that is good. As a Libra, you are always looking for the beauty in new experiences and this is the time to do so, even if it seems way out of your comfort zone. Has your intuition been a little extra lately? Trust in your gut instincts and natural knowing of things. This month is a great time to delve deep within your spiritual practices and balance your emotions. Financially, you will have some peaks this month and know your goals are being achieved! As your ruling planet sets direct, you will feel much confidence and charm attracting some attention from a certain someone. Let it all out, dear Libra! You deserve to reach for the stars!

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