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Are you a new pet owner? Check out this pawternity leave trend that might come to an office near you!

Have you heard about this yet? If you have a puppy or if you’re planning on getting one soon, this could potentially be very good news for you!

Some dog-loving employers are looking for ways to help new pet parents with special benefits. One digital marketing company in Minneapolis recently introduced “fur-ternity leave” for its employees.

Fur-ternity leave, or pawternity leave, is becoming an increasing trend thanks to pet-loving millennials, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. Other companies are introducing pet insurance and pets in the workplace, reports MPR News.

To me, this is exciting and much-needed news. As someone who knows how difficult it is to introduce a new pet into your home, this is extremely comforting. Your pet is family, and while it’s not exactly a baby coming from the mother’s womb, it’s still a big part of your life as a responsible and loving pet owner.

dog covered with snow

I remember the first few weeks of adopting my dog, Smokey. The dog necessities were bought, training was in full effect, dog walkers were screen-checked, and I think I slept with one eye open. When we first introduced him to our home, he had an ear infection and a few other issues, so we had to go to the vet to get him checked out. I frequently had to cancel plans on the weekends to take care of him, and at work I set up a dog monitor on my desk to check up on him every few hours. Introducing a dog into your home and adapting to your new pet owner lifestyle is a big (but welcome) change!

I think a lot of new pet owners (and their pets) would benefit from fur-ternity leave to set up the dog for a healthy life in a loving new home.

Looking for support from fellow dog lovers? Fortunately, we have a dog owners VINA community where you can check out local meet-up groups!

Join our dog-owners community on Hey! VINA and start swiping to plan puppy play dates!


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