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Will you trick or treat this year?

Halloween is the perfect holiday to hang with your vinas—and what better way to bond than to coordinate Halloween costumes? Choosing Halloween costumes can be a difficult task, but no fear. We’ve got you covered with a list of the perfect Halloween costumes for you and your vinas!


If you and your vinas love to wear pink, you can definitely dress up as the plastics from Mean Girls. It’ll be extra special because Halloween is on a Wednesday this year and everyone knows, on Wednesday’s we wear pink! Just make sure you don’t fight over who gets to be Regina George.


Season 2 of Riverdale premieres in October, so if you and your Vinas are big fans of the show be sure to rock Riverdale costumes! You and your vinas can be Betty, Veronica, Cheryl and Josie. Choose the character that reflects your personality or a character that is your total opposite; it’s Halloween after all!


Everyone knows that you and your vinas are queens, but maybe for just one night you can settle for being princesses. This costume is particularly great if you have a large friend group because you can dress up as every princess from Cinderella to Moana. If you don’t want to look childish you can go for a more casual Disney princess-inspired costume instead of a dress.



If you and your vinas can’t wait for the next Avengers movie, what better costume to wear than Marvel superheroes! You can dress up as all the female superheroes like Gamora, Nebula, Black Widow, and Scarlet Witch or dress as the female version of your fave male heroes. If you’re feeling extra creative you can incorporate characters from the comics like Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel, and Captain Marvel too.


One of this summer’s hottest movies was Oceans 8. The cool thing about the movie is that it featured a completely female cast! You and your vinas can dress up characters from Oceans 8 for the ultimate girl power costume.


If you and your vinas are almost as close as sisters, then dressing up as the Kardashian/Jenner sisters for Halloween is perfect for you. The best part is you can be super creative when it comes to this costume. Carry around a lip kit as Kylie, dress up in the same outfit Kendall did for a magazine cover or take selfies all night as Kim!


If you and your vinas are still kids at heart, why not dress up as minions! Not only is the costume super easy to put together (even last minute for all my procrastinators) it’s also super cute. As an added bonus, the neon yellow minion color is a great way to easily spot your vinas in the largest of crowds.


If you and your vinas are always the most spirited friends wherever you go, then dressing up as the cheerleaders from Bring It On is perfect. Half of your vinas can dress up as the Toros and the other half as the Clovers for some friendly competition. These costumes are the ultimate throwback which is sure to make everyone nostalgic.


One of the most simple costumes is an M&M. You can buy the costume or easily DIY the costume by drawing an “M” on your favorite dress or shirt. You and your vinas can be every color of the famous chocolate candy. The assortment of colors will look adorable for any pictures you take!


If you and your vinas love being extra, dressing up as pageant queens is definitely for you. You can put on your favorite evening gowns and a tiara to match! The best part is you can DIY your pageant sashes with a blank one, writing the “pageant title” yourself. You can each choose your own pageant title and be as creative as you want you, from “Miss Universe” to “Miss Halloween.”

Good luck with your costumes, vinas! And remember, you can always find your costume crew on Hey! VINA!


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