One vina's message to you!

Kenecia Lashae is the latest babe we’re featuring from the free web series currently airing, The Luxe Woman’s Travel Guide, and get ready, because this vina is on 🔥! As the creator of Passport 2 Pretty (P2P), which is the digital passport to hot topics on travel, beauty, and culture, Kenecia Lashae is a travel enthusiast who is thrilled to dish about her explorations with viewers. Read about her journey below!

Q: How does P2P empower women?
A: P2P empowers women by encouraging women to travel the world and thrive the Pretty Life. This means gorgeous monuments, difficult treks and delicious plates of food because I want women to know they can do it too.

Q: Have you seen friendships form through your platform?
A: I have seen friendships form on my platform because women are rooting for each other. I have hosted meet ups and I see the connections for myself. It’s very authentic and I feel confident that the women are sharing experiences and that is what it’s all about!

Q: What kind of friendships have you made on your travels?
A: On my travel, I make one of a kind bonds that I don’t think I would make in my hometown. Technology allows us to stay in touch and they are always willing to offer me their support.

Q; How have you noticed your friendships changed since you began jetsetting?
A: I must admit that my friends back in the states don’t always get the updated version of me. My journey requires me to be in the moment to experience the abundance of culture, languages and art on a daily basis.

Q: How does traveling empower you?
A: Travel empowers women to be brave and to show other women that we can be powerful worldwide. We are vast in our thoughts, interests, body and culture. However, we are all united through womanhood.


Q: If you were to host a VINA open plan in the next place you traveled to, what would the plan be and why?
A: Egypt would be an amazing place to because of the rich history of female rulers and leaders. I found it interesting to know how women groomed, bathed and managed their periods during those times. Cleopatra was a queen boss with beauty that many try to replicate to this day.

Q: What about your job empowers you?
A: I love sharing my experiences in text or photos to encourage other women to travel and see the world. I never get bored or feel lonely because the world is truly my oyster.

Q: What female inspires you and why?
A: I’m inspired by BeyoncĂ© Giselle Knowles Carter without a doubt! Her hard work ethic, dedication to her craft and beauty are goals!

Be sure to sign up to watch the web series here—you’ll get a new video in your inbox every morning! Thanks for chatting with us, Kenecia! Vinas, feel inspired to do some traveling and connect with vinas along the way? Download Hey! VINA wherever you go and update your location settings and start swiping!

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