Be Your Best Self Wellness


Why this bossbabe wants to help women take control over their bodies and energy!

Are you loving the Luxe Woman’s Travel Guide as much as we are? Good! Because today, we have our exclusive chat with Nagina Abdullah, who’s the founder of and was featured in one episode. Nagina is full of inspiring insight and empowering advice—check out our Q&A to hear what drives Nagina to chase her dreams!✨

Q: How is the Malasa Body regime empowering for women?
A: My company  gives women control over their bodies and energy. I teach women how what they eat impacts them and how to change it simply by putting the right real food into their bodies.

Q: What woman inspires you and why?
A: Sara Blakely, Founder and CEO of Spanx, billionaire, because she kept failing until she won. She got in front of people to pitch her idea and never hid behind a structure.

Q: How have you noticed your friendships change since you began Masala Body?
A: I noticed that I have become more conscious of the people I spend time with. I’ve been aware of the ideas others have and how they influence me, just by being around them. So I put a lot of effort into surrounding myself with other ambitious, entrepreneurial and or success-seeking, and happiness-creating people.


Q: If you were to host a VINA open plan, what would the plan be and why?
A: I would host my Masala Cooking Party! This is a party where I bring women together, and I set out the ingredients for a spicy, healthy meal. We all cook together and learn how easy it is to make healthy, delicious dishes. Then, we enjoy eating it together while talking about the challenges and potential solutions in becoming healthier while living busy lives.  

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