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These are some of the spookiest specials to watch this Halloween with your vinas!

Happy (almost) Halloween, spooky vinas! October is upon us and the spooky season has officially begun. While it’s sometimes acceptable shovel candy corn into your mouth while watching scary movies, it’s more acceptable than ever in October. Halloween is on a weeknight this year, so fill up your plastic pumpkin with candy, settle in, and binge these movies on Halloween night.


It might be basic, but Hocus Pocus SLAYS. This movie should be watched every Halloween for the rest of your life. After a night out, I bought this on DVD so I could watch it over and over again in October. I highly recommend doing that exact thing, or DVRing it during one of the million times it airs on Freeform/ABC Family this year to watch it at your leisure.


Get back to your roots girl. Halloweentown is the perfect Disney Channel Original movie to bring back this Halloween. Embrace the nostalgia and start out your evening with this PG classic. As the cocktails keep flowing, gradually move on to spookier movies.


I mean, come on. You have to watch Halloween ON Halloween! There’s even a new Halloween movie this year to get you in the mood to revisit this 1978 classic! So snuggle up and spend the night with Michael Myers, you know you want to!



Instead of going out and seeing a bunch of creeps dressed up like clowns in-person, stay in and spend some time with Pennywise the clown. Both versions of this Stephen King masterpiece are heckin creepy so you really can’t go wrong with either.


Maybe I am biased because this is my favorite movie of all time, but Edward Scissorhands is a perfect movie for Halloween. It’s not as on-the-nose as the other movies on this list, but anything that Tim Burton, the creepy king himself has touched should really earn a spot on this list. 


Interview with a Vampire is another option for Halloween that isn’t as directly related to the holiday. Vampires are typically scary, but who could say no to Brad Pitt as a vampire? Not me at least. Also seeing Kirsten Dunst as a murderous child vampire is an experience on its own.

These movies would be excellent additions to your Halloween movie list, so I hope you enjoy them. Wishing you all have an excellent Halloween, whether you’re staying in to watch movies or going out with your fellow vinas!

If you’re in need of Halloween plans, download the Hey! VINA app today to find some new vinas to have a spooky movie marathon with! 👻🎃


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