Nathalia's message to vinas everywhere.

We are so happy to introduce you to the host and creator of The Luxe Woman’s Travel Guide, Nathalia Chin. The free web series (sign up to watch it here!) gives an inside look on how chic vinas relish, reconnect and recharge at posh locations around the world—and Nathalia opened up to us about why traveling is so important to her, what inspired her to start the series, and what her dream VINA plan is!

Read on for more!

Q: What inspires you to bring together girl bosses from around the world? What has this taught you about friendship?
A: Coming from a corporate 9-5 position, I have seen many women putting all their attention into their careers and neglecting themselves. I noticed from my own friendships, when a woman travels, there is a magic she experiences that is so incredible, she comes back to life feeling invigorated and more connected to herself. What this has made me realize about friendships is that we are all the same—fabulous, professional, ambitious women and this is our time to have exactly what we want and how we want.  More women need friendships that align with these values and beliefs so we can be a world of fabulous women who have it all, together!

Q: We agree! So if you were to host a VINA open plan in the next place you traveled to, what would the plan be and why?
A: I would host a fabulous VINA event in the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia, where us ambitious women can have an EAT, LOVE, PRAY experience, being pampered and waking up to morning meditation and yoga every day. We would visit the Sacred Monkey Forest, dine on luxury local cuisine, and basque in the hidden sacred temples that are decorated perfectly around the island.


Q: How does traveling empower you?
A: Traveling is empowering because it allows women to discover the true essence and beauty that is inside them. Those moments of pause allow them to reconnect, learn more about what they would like to create in their lives, fall in love with themselves, and discover the fun, exciting woman they always knew they were.

Q: How have you noticed your friendships change since you began jet setting?
A: All my girlfriends are super ambitious, and when we plan a trip, they are so focused and busy, they forget we have a trip coming up. They wait until the last minute to pack because they are consumed with work and overstressed, but there is something magical that happens when they step off the plane onto our destination. The layers of stress, worry, and fear are stripped away and they light up and are present. They become Goddesses!

Q: What kind of friendships have you made on your travels?
A: I have met so many incredible people during my travels that have taught me to be present and enjoy the moment. I learn so much from them as we share ideas and I get to connect to the incredible woman I am and they get to see that too!

Q: What woman inspires you?
A: All of my girlfriends inspire me in many different ways, but the one woman that gave me the foundation to my life and everything I do is my mom, and I will forever be indebted to her love, drive, and passion for life.

Thanks, Nathalia! Vinas, make sure you tune into the series by signing up at this link. You’ll get episodes in your inbox every morning!🛩☀️💃Want to find friends to travel with? Download Hey! VINA now and start swiping!


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