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We came, we saw, we bonded!

Hey, vinas! Hey! VINA’s Community Manager Lora Levison here to tell you fabulous vinas all about the amazing night I had. So sit back and pour some bubbly🥂—this is good.

On October 10, I hosted a public plan inviting all vinas in Los Angeles to attend Los Angeles Fashion Week at the Petersen Automotive Museum. (Alert: If you haven’t checked out the discover plans feature in your app, or started hosting your own plans, are you really living?!). We saw the latest collections from designers Irina Marchuk, Irishlatina by Rebecca Rivera, Veronican Vallenes and Bohemian Society. I’m so glad I created this plan because I got to share several fashionista moments with my forever vinas, Juliet Lemar and Maya!


So why did Juliet have fun? “It was a fantastic night of inspiration and art. The highlight for me was meeting so many talented, creative, and wonderful people,” she says. YAS!

And even though Maya admits that she was a little nervous showing up at the open plan because she didn’t know anyone, she’s so happy she came. “My highlights were the runway shows and intermission because I was able to meet new people and get a feel for the fashion world,” she explained. “At the end, I was more comfortable. I felt like I’ve made a connection with the girls!”

✨🛍Vina fashionistas Juliet, Lora and Maya✨🛍

For Juliet, it’s obvious why more vinas should be enjoying the plans feature. “Life is about getting out and living!” she says. “Creating future plans allows users to add events to their calendars and plan everything accordingly to insure a seamless, low stress, meet-up.”

As a supporter of VINA, she loves the mission behind the app: “One of my life goals is to make women feel less alone and VINA resonates with me because it brings women together to celebrate their power, uniqueness, passions, and above all community.”

Maya agrees. “The plans feature lets you connect with people you haven’t matched with yet and it’s easier to actually meet up with people instead of matching and not even talking to each other. Being on VINA has changed my life for the better because I was able to go to my first fashion show and was able to meet new people and make connections!”

Thanks for sharing, vinas! Need some tips on how to create a successful VINA plan? Read this! Now, get posting and RSVPing📅💃

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