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Get in the Halloween spirit with your vinas!

You’ve heard the quote, “Are you a good witch or are you a bad witch?” Well, chances are if you’re a part of VINA, you just have to be a good witch. . . and an even better vina! What better way to celebrate your vina sisterhood this season than to make your coven stronger with these five simple, witchy steps!🔮🎃


Witchy women are all about protecting themselves from negative energies, burning their incense and creating the most perfect sacred space to practice their self-love rituals within. Maybe your vina is going through a hard time or a bad break-up—why not come to their rescue with a basket full of tricks (a bundle a sage) and treats (a bottle of wine)! Sage is an herb known for eliminating the negative energies in our surroundings while making room for new, positive energy. While you can smudge your space, it’s also beneficial to smudge yourself! Give your aura a quick wipe down with your sage wand to clear off any sticky energy that might be clinging to you. Sage-ing is a perfect witchy tool for our vinas who want to cleanse their lives and start anew. Bonus: It’ll uplift your spirits too (along with the help of your chalice of wine, of course!)



Within this divine feminine empowerment age of women, there is no room for being petty with one another. Stay loyal to your vinas—motivate, support and celebrate each other’s unique way! That is what being a vina is all about.


Grab your magical vinas, candles, notebooks and pens and head somewhere serene to set your intentions out into the universe. Under the new moon this month, it’s a great time to reflect on what your current desires are. Have your vinas create a circle, make a list of your goals and when finished, hold hands and one by one, say out loud what you each hope to manifest into your lives!


Spiritually, crystals are believed to give off energies and vibrations that resonate with different things. There are crystals that can help ease anxiety, strengthen your love-life, heighten your intuition or third eye, etc. all depending on the properties of each stone. Here are a few crystals for strengthening your sisterhood:

  • Looking to expand your social circle, rebuild or deepen your relationships? The lovely green selenite stone is great for communication, mental clarity and soulful connections!
  • Sometimes it’s hard to find new friends when we’re not totally comfortable with ourselves. Rose quartz is the perfect stone for recognizing your own beauty, talents and happiness while also opening your heart chakra to your fellow vinas! It’s a win-win.
  • Have you ever found yourself holding a grudge on a friend? We’ve all been there one way or another. Practice forgiveness with the topaz stone, which helps protect you from negative energy, but also opens you to empathy and having compassion for others.


So we set our magical intentions under the new moon, now it’s time to check in with one another for a dinner under the stars. And it’s perfect timing—because the full moon is on Oct. 24th! It’s all about feeling whole and one with the moon as our desires come to fruition. Autumn is the perfect season for big pots of soups or stews. Head to your local farmer’s market for plenty of herbs to add (a witch necessity) and get cooking! Enjoy your October, vina-sisters!

Ready to meet new vinas to celebrate October with? Click here to start swiping!

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