Fun Sisterhood


Ready, hit, send!💁‍♀️

Friends come and go, but best friends are with us through everything. It’s no secret you and your vina’s go-to method of communication is text messaging, so why not text her now? Remember that communication and gassing each other up is the key to last friendship, so be sure to text her some of these things so she knows how much she means to you.


Your vina is the person who has been by your side through it all. She was there when you completely failed that test, broke up with your significant other and didn’t make the cut for the sports team. That definitely deserves a thank you! Remind her how thankful you are for her as much as you can.


Let’s face it, we’ve all messed up a time or two. Maybe you lied to her about not being able to hangout and made plans with someone else or you ignored her text one time when you were out. No matter how big or small your action was, the best thing you can do to make up for it is to send an apology.


Seeing your BFF can brighten your day, so you should definitely text her to make plans as much as you can! It doesn’t have to be an extravagant outing (unless you want it to be!), but a quick cup of coffee with your vina can make your whole day more fun. Create an open plan right now!



Sometimes, we get so caught up in telling our vina the latest gossip that we forget to ask them how they’re doing. Before you fill your BFF on the drama, take a quick moment to see how they’re doing!


You and your BFF have probably been friends forever and even though it might be understood that you two are best friends, a quick reminder is always nice! Telling your vina how much they mean to you is always special.

Whether you’re looking for a new vina, or a vina to add to your tribe, download Hey! VINA and meet some new vinas today!



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