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The singer, dancer and Instagram personality talks to VINAZINE about the importance of life-long friendships, fame and more!

Crazy-good singer, life-long dancer, and a star on the rise Jordyn Jones is an all-🌟 vina. Her love for dancing and performing brought her to LA where is she pushing her passion and soaking up the limelight.

In VINAZINE’s exclusive interview with Jordyn (see the full video below and on our YouTube page!), we talked about everything from the importance of childhood friends to her tour that’s in the works (we can’t wait!), plus how she manages work and play. So read some highlights below, vinas. We promise you’ll love her!

VINA: Thanks for talking to VINAZINE! So, tell us what your VINA profile would look like. What picture would you choose for your profile and how would you describe yourself in five emojis? 

JJ: Well, I would definitely choose my Instagram profile picture to go on my VINA profile. It’s a close-up of my face and you can really see what I look like! And then five emojis to describe me would be, well, my favorite emoji is the yellow heart so I would definitely do that and I would probably do the blonde girl with the little princess emoji, the rollercoaster emoji, a red rose, and sparkles. Editor’s note: Here you go, Jordyn: 💛🌹✨🎢👸

VINA: OK, so let’s say you’re swiping through VINA looking for your future BFF and you come across your dream celeb! Who is it and why would you immediately swipe right? 

JJ: I would swipe right on Hailey Baldwin or Halsey because they are both so perfect and pretty, and Halsey is an amazing singer and just everything.

VINA: What’s it like being in the limelight—is it hard to make friends? Have you noticed friendships changing?

JJ: There’s definitely less friendships when you are in the limelight because you are so busy. It’s not that you can’t make a lot of friends, it’s just that you are very busy. It’s easy for me to make friends because it’s how you connect with someone because you’ll have to know if their intentions are good or bad. It’s easy for me to point that out, though. I have good friends that stick around me, like I have my friend from Michigan that I’ve known for like 15 or 16 years of my life, so she’s always been my best friend.

VINA: Have you noticed anything changing with that friendship?

JJ: I mean I kind of talk to her less because I used to live in Michigan, but we FaceTime a lot and I’m going home soon to see her. It’s just that every time we talk, we get back where we left off, you know, so it’s just like nothing happened and it still feels like I live in Michigan whenever I talk to her and hangout with her! I also like hanging out with people who are not as much in the limelight as I am. It keeps me humble and I always know where I come from and I also don’t think of myself as a celebrity or a famous person. I just like to have fun with my dancer friends that I’ve known for a really long time because all of my dancer friends, we all started being dancers and then when Instagram came up, we all started posting dance videos and now they are all getting their own followers, so it’s really good to go back and hangout with them because they are not trying to get anything out of me. If anything, I want to be one of them!

VINA: Love that! So tell us about your best friends.

JJ: I have multiple best friends! We have inside jokes, we have songs! We clicked really hard and I have a lot of people who go back with me. I always want to come up with the people I started with. I just need people around me who are good vibes and good energy and just like to laugh and see the glass half-full, just positive people.

VINA: Those are the best kind of friends! So what advice would you give to someone who wanted to make more friends?

JJ: Well, if you want to make more friends, then just try. Speak up, introduce yourself and also be yourself. That’s a big thing because don’t try to be somebody else because you’re just amazing and you’ll definitely find people who have the same interests as you.

VINA: Definitely! OK, last question: If you were to host an open plan in LA on Hey! VINA, what would it be?

JJ: Probably Six Flags day or Disney day. Meet me at front at 10 am and let’s go party! Ride rides all day and after a full day at Six Flags, I would end it with a performance at night!

Thanks for talking to VINAZINE, Jordyn! Vinas, be sure to keep your eyes out for Jordyn’s upcoming tour next year–it will be amazing!

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