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Get in on the fall fun!

It’s officially 🍂fall🍁, which means this month is filled with Halloween costume planning, apple pie making and of course, everything pumpkin spice! For some vinas, this is the highlight of their year—for more than one reason. Sure, the days get shorter, but the sleeves get longer, the sweaters get warmer and the fun gets going. As a vina who personally loves fall, I always have a ‘Fall Bucket List’ of activities that I can only do this time of the year without any shame at all!


I know. . . it’s a total cliche, but who cares?! It seems like the whole world is engulfed in pumpkin spice this time of year which is so right! So bring out the pumpkin-scented candles, brew some pumpkin spice coffee, and make some delicious pumpkin pie! Embrace everything-PS that comes with this new season.



The beginning of fall has vinas opening windows and letting the cool, crisp air in. There is nothing better than getting your pad comfy and cozy with some clean space. Welcome in the fall with some new curtains or a fall-inspired duvet set. While you’re at it, it’s a great time to purge all those summertime dresses that you will never wear again. This is the perfect opportunity to refresh your closet and get fall attire!


Remember how we just purged our wardrobe? Well, let’s get creative! Buy some hay from the local market or check out a craft store and make a scarecrow. Host your own plans in the VINA app in the plans page and get local DYI-loving vinas together to make a group of scarecrows that look like yourselves. Dress them up in clothes, hats, and accessories, then put them up to decorate your house or apartment!


The weather is so pleasant this time of year and people are still looking to get out and have fun. Check out local festivals or find the nearest Oktoberfest. You’ll be spending a day enjoying the outdoors, sipping on beer or hot apple cider, and tasting some of the season’s best foods and desserts. Invite your vinas and have a blast!


The best way to spend fall–or any season–is by being present and staying in the moment. All too often the leaves change colors, fall to the ground, and become a crispy remembrance. Look at the leaves and notice the orange, red, and yellow colors. Appreciate the gift of a new season and enjoy what is around you. Take advantage of the time and make sure your fall season is packed with activities, crafts, and a little pumpkin spice!

Looking for some vinas to enjoy this fall with? Get the Hey! VINA app now and start swiping!


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