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October. A month full of tricks, treats and spooky beliefs! It’s a month where the veil between the living and the dead is lifted and where we are free to celebrate by wearing life’s many different masks.

Yes, sometimes being someone else for the day is exciting, but as Venus sets in retrograde from the October 5 to November 15, it’s not all that it seems. Since Venus is the ruler of all things love, beauty and finance, it is best to handle these subjects with TLC this month. Who knows, we might just have some ghosts from our own past pay us a visit to reflect, make amends, set goals and above all, remind us of our self-worth.


Independent, optimistic and resourceful- October is a month that might strike up some tense energy for you and your love life, but is a great time to focus your mind on business relationships, career ventures and spending some time with your dear vinas to lighten the mood! Though your love life might be a bit testy this month, it could be a indicator you need to spend a little time attending to your garden within before giving yourself to another.


Communication is always key! Let your partner know how you are feeling, rather than pushing them away. If they care enough, they’ll give you the space needed to attend to yourself and your needs. Practice some self-love with a lavender infused bubble-bath or grab a bite with a vina who makes you laugh! Since we’re in Libra season, it is important time to create a healthy balance of your love life, life and friendships.



Reliable, patient and warm-hearted- Your ruling planet, Venus may be in retrograde but this could actually be a great thing for you Taurus! Grabbing the bull by its horns could be your motto this month, as you start taking initiative in what in your life needs to be organized and maintaining the balance needed to accomplish your current goals. New journeys and new beginnings are in store for you- so keep the hard-work up!


As you reflect on past relationships, you might want to rekindle old flames or vice-versa, your blast from your past may contact you. However, as appealing as it sounds to revisit the past, your future is calling and you have other things to put in to order. It could be a great idea to create a vision board or write out your goals for the upcoming months. Alone time could do you well, but don’t forget about your vinas! Call up your vinas, grab your journals and head to nature to enjoy the scenic changing of the leaves – some mindfulness and reflection could do you all well.


Enthusiastic, intellectual, communicative – this month could be a bit pushy for you Gemini. A master of communication, your limits of what others have to say may can cause you some irritability over the next few weeks, but by practicing your listening skills you might benefit from another’s advice, it might even spark up some inspiration for you and your creative endeavors! Any obstacles during this month are actually a blessing in disguise for your future, so take them as they come and reap in their life-long lessons!


October is a great month to go within dear Gemini and a embrace the creativity you’re looking to express. Reflect on your goals, but don’t go overboard. Be patient. Everything will fall into place without trying to accomplish everything all at once.



Loyal, adaptable, compassionate – With your mothering energy, Cancer-vinas may be taking on a lot as of lately, whether it be absorbing yourself in your work or family life. So, it’s only right for the month of October’s balancing energy- you need to take some time to absorb yourself in a little YOU time. For vinas in a relationship, self-love could be very beneficial for you and your partner to practice. For our single vinas, this is a charming time for you. Keep focusing on your endeavors- you’ll be soaring in no time!


This retrograde, book yourself a sensual massage! Your hard-work will be paying off sooner than you think, but don’t overwhelm yourself. Take each step as it comes and remember to appreciate how far you’ve come.


Influential, passionate, courageous – Oh, what a great month we have here! Leo, use that charming, fiery energy and network your way to your dream job! Leos in a relationship, this could be a good time to unwind and spend an intimate weekend reflecting on your relationship’s goals. Leos who are single and ready to mingle, the social energy is on your side! Call up your vinas because this girl is ready to dance the night away.


Though this is a social month for you, Leo, it’s also a great time to reflect on all areas of your life. What career path will fill you with joy? What are the next steps in your relationship? Are you thinking about taking up a new hobby? Make a list of your top 5 goals for the next few months and reflect on how you can get closer to accomplishing each. You deserve to live the life you desire.


Trustworthy, hardworking, attentive – For our usually conservative Virgos, October is a groovy month for you! Watch out world because Virgos are feeling pretty daring this month and when these ladies desire something… Well, we know how that ends. Dare to be unapologetically YOU, Virgo! You have a lot to offer the world, so use this month to show off your stuff.


October may bring up some indecisiveness for you so it’s best not to make any rash decisions! It’s ok to not have it all together this month, but rather use this month to let loose and enjoy! Be spontaneous! Spend time with your loved ones whether it’s with your significant other or enjoy a vina-date with your best gal-friends.


Diplomatic, idealistic, affectionate – The sun is shining in your sign for most of the month making you feel very energetic and confident! This is your time to get out and set sail on the dream boat! Manifest those desires that have been floating around your over-thinking mind. As the symbol of the libra scale, overly weighing out your pros and cons can interrupt actually experiencing your journey. As your ruling planet is heading backwards for the next few weeks, this could be a good time to ponder about your own past. Whether it be your love-life, career, financial or home-life. Be thankful for your past and enthusiastic about your future.


Libra, always focusing your time on pleasing others and creating harmony in another’s life can distract you from your own serenity and pleasure. Use this month to rejuvenate your inner-self so you can be there for your loved ones – but don’t get too caught up in it! Practice mindfulness and become aware of what areas currently need boundaries and stability in your life.



Assertive, attractive, sensual – As unpredictable as you may be, this month may be more uncertain than you- but don’t fret! With Venus setting in retrograde in your sign on the 5th, this time might actually be just want you need to move forward! The areas that once felt stagnant in your life are now being challenged and you will come out wiser and more sure of your path all because of it. So sit back and enjoy this life lesson of a ride!


Love, finances and desires will be tested this month- so it’s best to not make any sudden moves or big decisions! Ride the waves and go with the flow, but be open to any opportunities that come your way. The New Moon on the 8th is a great time to reflect on any creative endeavors. Surround yourself with your best vinas and do something artistic and fun to take your mind off of things.


Ambitious, cheerful, sincere – Maybe this Autumn season as been off to a bumpy start for you, dear Sagg, but as optimistic as you are, nothing can keep you down for long! Certain tensions may be high in your personal relationships or partnerships, however it is important to know – it’s not the end the world and don’t spend too much time sulking about it. But we do have some good news for you! As the full moon sets on the 24th, there will be an opportunity for something new, possibly in your career area! Keep your natural optimistic energy open!


Take some much needed alone time to figure out what’s best for you- which relationships no longer are benefiting you? Whether it be work relationships, friendships, or romantic. And know that you deserve to feel appreciated. If anyone makes you feel otherwise, it might be time to move on and make room for new.


Determined, dependable, realistic – Lingering tension in your life love? Career? Friends or family? Well, you’re sure not alone! This month will shine a bright light on areas you’ve been ignoring and hoping certain issues blow-over. As easy as that might sound, some things need to come to an end or at least, some things just need to be communicated in order to move forward. This autumn season is actually a positive time for your awareness and will help in making the right decisions of your future. Things you were uncertain of before will now become more clear to you.


It’s time for some energy rebooting! The next few weeks might deliver some news, so instead of freaking out and overwhelming yourself, trust in your path that this is indeed needed for growth! Book a much needed spa day and relax while contemplating the peaceful way to go about things.



Innovative, spontaneous, honest – Things are starting to look up for you, Aquarian goddess. All your hard work and dedication is being noticed- so pat yourself on the back! Though Venus is in retrograde, you may experience some minor bumpiness, but this is beneficial. Address any obstacles and have confidence in knowing your future is looking bright. Whoever doesn’t support you during this fruitful time, doesn’t deserve you. The new moon on the 8th is going to surprise you with something new! Take the time to appreciate how far you’ve come and get excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.


Treat yourself with some fun! Grab your vinas and head to the pumpkin patch for apple-picking! Time spend in nature will be very beneficial for you to take time to relax and get a little away from the hustle bustle, but do remember to take care of your finances AKA don’t go overboard with your spending habits.


Flexible, imaginative, considerate – The dreamer in you seems to be daydreaming more than usual as of lately! And that’s ok. Sometimes we outgrow the things that were once were our main focus. The tensions in your career, love-life, family or friendships, or the things you seem to be desiring (but fearing at the same time)– need to be contemplated; which is why your mind may be distancing itself from reality and steering you into your daydreams because you’re not looking to confront it… But with the universe on your side, by mid to late October, you will have a bit of clarity when it comes to your career and finances! Life adjustments are in order and you will benefit from the change.


Serenity on your mind? Treating yourself to a spa day or taking a hike through the autumn elements will do your mind and spirit well! There’s been a lot on your mind and some weight on your shoulders- alone time to help relax your sensitive senses are in order. Your future self will thank you.

So as it goes Zodiac-vinas, this month might get a little tricky! But stay in your magic and enjoy the changing of the leaves and the shedding of some of your own skin. Everything will fall into place!

Happy birthday to our Libras & Scorpios! Interested in some fall fun for your special day? Start swiping to see what plans are going on in your area!


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