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How breaking out your comfort zone can change your life for the better!

“What kind of a girly, hippie event is this?”

That was my first thought when I opened a flyer that I received from an Instagram influencer I had just met two weeks earlier. The flyer was a private invitation to experience Goddestry (Goddess Artistry) and promised a night of creative visioning, acts of self-care and sacred sisterhood. My eyes stopped on words such as “tribal markers,” “therapeutic grade essential oils,” “vegan hair care,” and “share circle.” I was intrigued. I had been going through a rough patch and had slowly closed myself up from the world. Knowing that it wasn’t healthy, I decided to try new things and say ‘yes’ more often. So, I accepted.

Upon arriving at the secret location, I was guided into a circle of flowers and within a few minutes, one host had drawn art on my body with tribal markers while the other saged my body to clear any negative energy. I then joined four other women in a circle around a centerpiece of different healing crystals, scented candles and statues of goddesses. It was clear none of us knew what to expect and as we started discussing what brought us here we realized we had more in common than we thought. Once the ice was broken we started the first exercise: pairing up and looking into each other’s eyes for three minutes.


The first minute was slightly uncomfortable but then I felt a shift. I fell deep into her soul and suddenly I could just feel everything she had been through. The pain. The sadness. The moments of joy. I felt connected to her with every atom of my being. She must have felt the same because tears started streaming down her cheeks. It’s unbelievable how much we can learn about a person by not just looking but really seeing them.

We then got back in a group to discuss self-care. How do you take care of yourself, both physically and mentally? Are you a giver or are you a receiver? Most women are givers which is a beautiful act of love. We do it so naturally but it is important that the love is returned, that we get taken care of too.

Our next exercise did exactly that. We paired up again, this time as giver and receiver. The giver massaged the receiver’s head and arms before washing her hair. In certain cultures, the cleansing of hair has a religious and symbolic meaning. In the glow of the candles and the rhythm of the meditation music, my maternal side came out and I found a certain peace in brushing her hair. There were muffled tears, signs of deep appreciation and as I, in turn, became the receiver, I realized how beautiful the kindness of strangers could be. I left the event with a new perspective and new friends.

As we grow older, we find ourselves settling into a certain orbit. And as much as the stability comforts us, it becomes harder and harder to  come across events that are extraordinary, that make our hearts pound in a faster beat. So does making new friends. Being open to new experiences is a great way to break that orbit and meet new people. So take a chance. Feel once again, the thrill of meeting new people. For some of life’s best experiences come from something unexpected.

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