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Tips for making your side hustle successful!

So, you want to earn some extra spending cash, build up your savings account or pay down debt or maybe your current job isn’t paying enough to make ends meet. . . well, it happens to the best of us. Whatever the reason may be for considering getting a second job, there are many options available to you. But before you do, make sure you know the do’s and don’ts to getting a second job.


Is your current job flexible or do you need your second job to be flexible to work around your primary? If the latter, you need to make that clear when you are applying to new jobs. If your main job is flexible, then you want to give them as much notice as you can in terms of what schedule changes you may need. Be up front with both your current job and potential employers about your other commitments. This will keep everything much easier to manage!



Let’s say you just want to earn extra cash for the holiday season that is coming up–fair enough! The perk of this is that many of these seasonal jobs are already part-time and some are even willing to work around your schedule. (They tend to get desperate during the busy season!) If this is something you’re looking for, check the online listings using keywords like ‘temporary jobs’ and ‘holiday listings’ to find jobs around you.


Disclaimer: Don’t sign up for something that you don’t think you can handle! It is not worth it to work two full-time jobs if your body can’t handle that type of stress or if your calendar is not that available. Understand that the lack of rest will catch up with you and it may damage your current job and other aspects of your life. If you need weekends only, then be sure to make that clear to your employer. If you need nights only, make that clear, too. Don’t try to be superwoman here, vinas.


Rather than applying for the typical job at a restaurant or retail store, why not look into some of the other options that are available. There are ride-sharing jobs, grocery-shopper jobs, even dog walker jobs! All of these are very flexible and allow you to work by your own schedule. Do some research and will be sure to find a great job that fits right into your busy schedule!

Whatever you choose to do, make an informed decision based off of what works best for you. Research it, ask your friends and social circle if they have side gigs and if they like them, and find the right job for you. Be prepared for this new lifestyle, even if just temporarily and make some money moves, vina!

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