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Includes cute animal gifs!

We’ve added our most-demanded and first-ever upgrade option on Hey! VINA. Woo woo! It’s got all of us VIPS feelin’ like one happy kitten.


Let’s first talk a little more about the Hey! VINA app experience. One thing we know, is that many of us on VINA have never swiped on a dating app before, but for those of us who have, I think we can all agree that the blind, double-opt-in system (ie. both people have to swipe right before you get introduced) was a game changer in the world of meeting new people. It was an easy solution for a lot of awkwardness and/or frustration.


Let me break it down, taking the time to write a message to someone takes a lot of energy, and then the recipient can have one of 3 responses, (1) like it and reply, (2) ignore it, or (3) reject the person. Basically two thirds of those options are pretty frustrating to the person who put in the effort to reach out. And face it, we all hate rejecting/being rejected! By using the double-opt-in system where you both have to see each other’s profile and indicate if you’re interested in meeting them before messaging, it lowers the vulnerability, saves us the awkwardness, and saves us all time and energy in the end!

So then when you get a match, it’s really special—you’ve both independently chosen each other as potential new friends! There’s no reason to hesitate on the messaging, and it’s time to make plans to meet up! One little downside of all the benefits is that it can take a little extra time to get a match. And sometimes, it helps to know someone wants to meet you to give you the extra nudge of taking a chance on them. So, may we present you…. VINA VIP!


  1. ⚡️ Match faster – This is probably the best thing about it. You can see who just swiped right on you, and match with her right away. It’s all happening right now… or whenever you feel like it really. If you see a vina you like, but know it’s not a good time to strike up a convo, you can keep her waiting in your Heys List, then match and start the convo when you’re ready!
  2. 📈 More dittos – You probably didn’t even realize how many people liked your vibes! More matches = more friends!
  3. 👀 Open your eyes to new potential – You could have skipped her, or maybe you already did, but now that you know that she wants to meet you, you’re seeing something new and sparkling about her profile. Sometimes knowing someone’s interested in meeting you can be just the spark of a new friendship that you need!
  4. 💪 Support women-owned and operated businesses – Did you know we’re just a small team of a few badass ladies here working hard to bring new friendships and adventure and fun into your life? It’s true! Your purchase supports us paying our rent and building bigger and better things for you. It’s a unique thing we got goin’ on here, and as a by-women-and-for-women tech company, we need your support to keep it going!
  5. 💖 You deserve it! – Your social life is the biggest predictor of your happiness, health, and success. That’s a fact. Treat yourself to a future with a growing paycheck, more days of bellyaching laughter, evenings talking through your next big life move, making plans to travel the world together, and knowing that someone will show up with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and a bottle of wine to vent about your latest love saga. And that is PRICELESS.


Ready to take finding your girl gang to the next level? Get VINA VIP on Hey! VINA right now! 


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