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Carpe diem! There is no time like the present to start thinking about smart ways to spend your time (and earn cash too).

Temporary jobs and paid internships are the holy grail of any career-building experience. However, you’re unlikely to snag one of these coveted positions unless you’re currently enrolled in college and can receive school credit for it or have the time to dedicate to a part-time position during the school year. If you don’t qualify for those positions but still want to get a worthwhile job, consider the following opportunities and start collecting above-average paychecks while getting a head start on developing valuable skills sets.


A receptionist is often the first person that people will meet when visiting an organization. This means that they are poised to making unique and lasting impressions on everyone that they are exposed to. Along with having plenty of opportunities to expand your professional network, you’ll learn how to perform a great slew of office tasks and support regular business initiatives. In fact, many skills that you’ll acquire manning the reception desk are going to be transferable into other positions such as Executive Assistant or Office Manager.



There are plenty of opportunities on campus that you might not even be aware of. Helping college professors with their research is an amazing job filled with educational benefits of all kinds. Jobs like these are not only rewarding academically, but they can even help you tap into more advanced (and also lucrative) work down the road. Feel free to explore different fields of study if you have broad interests, as research is ongoing in every department and can even overlap across the physical sciences, technology, social studies and the humanities.


Are you amazing at social media management? Do you have mean writing chops? Are you an emerging talent in photography or graphic design? Do you know how to speak HTML and CSS? Market yourself to organizations and small businesses and unlock lucrative opportunities while building a very impressive portfolio that is sure to give you an edge when it’s time to apply for internships!

Whatever you do, make sure to give it a 110%. There is truly nothing quite like being a young person in college with endless opportunities and the drive to learn and grow. Hone in on your talents and interests and find the perfect job for you!



Take advantage of your natural strengths! If you’ve had extensive experience in any particular sport, art, or craft you can pass your knowledge down to future generations and get paid supremely well while you’re at it. Help coach a youth sports team, work at an after-school learning center, or flex your entrepreneurial spirit and offer private lessons in music, art or specific subject matter.

Being a young professional is hard work. Find a vina to make this whole adulting thing more fun now!

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