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Look to the stars for your next travel adventure!

When the power of astrology and the love of travel meet, there is a divine collision of interests, excitement and adventure! Based on the characteristics of your zodiac sign, here is your VINA guide to your next travel destination. Be open to the planetary alignment of possibilities and get going!


A fire sign, you’re full of unpredictability. You’re determined, strong, and belong in the wild Hawaiian island of Honolulu! Hawaii is a destination full of extremes: active volcanoes, intense rainfall, coastal erosion, massive waves. It’s no wonder Hawaii’s motto is “ua mau ke ea o ka aina i ka pono”–meaning the life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness. Such characteristics remind us of our lively fire sign, Aries. You take initiative even when you don’t foresee the outcome and you omit a youthful and free energy with a passion for physical activity. What better way to use your blazing spirit this season than to ride the waves in the birthplace of surfing, get your adrenaline pumping on a steep hike up the Stairway to Heaven, or take a bike tour through the magnificent scenery of Honolulu? You never know what you might stumble upon. These Hawaiian islands may be more unpredictable than you, Aries.


An Earth sign and a child of Venus, Taurus’ are rooted in the sensual and romantic pleasures of the five senses. Known to be culinary queens, our Taurus vinas know exactly where to go hunting for the finest food. Enchant your desires in the world’s most visited country: France! Delight your earthy senses by day with the luscious lavender fields in the countryside of France, sampling local wines and lavender honey. Then travel to Paris at night to watch the city of blinding lights come to life while enjoying a late meal at a bistro overlooking the Eiffel Tower. Love and beauty dance through this country and with Taurus’ passion for sweet melodies, this destination could be a match made in Heaven.



Thailand: a land full of adventures, colors and diversity–much like our versatile Gemini vinas. Thai natives are said to be very open-minded, similar to Geminis who are ruled by Mercury, a planet associated with all forms of communication. Geminis thrive when socializing and have a desire for intellectual stimulation. With over 5,000 miles of coastline just waiting for you to explore, get out there, girl! Check out Phang Nga Bay’s limestone caves on your way to Insta-worthy beaches of Ko Phi Phi Don. Don’t forget to meet the Hill Tribe locals and experience their unique and ancient way of life. Some residents are even known to provide the comfort of their home for a family dinner and night stay. Book your planetary stay around the full moon.Thailand is known for their wildly-vibrant full moon parties! Talk about intellectual Gemini stimulation!


Our ultra-sensitive Cancer vinas are known to be highly affected by their ruling planet, the Moon, but once this sign is in their element, they become exciting, highly imaginative and unpredictable spirits! Tulum, located on the Mexican-Caribbean coastline, is engulfed in beauty, wonder, and even some of the ancient Mayan ruins–perfect for all Cancer signs. These distinct ruins bring some magic to the sea–much like our spiritual Cancer, symbolized by the beach-crawling crab. Take a morning yoga class on the beach to recharge your mental and spiritual self before snorkeling through one of the several cenotes (swimming holes) or take to the jungle at night for a delicious cocktail followed by dinner and dancing under the tropical sky. Embrace everything the world has to offer to you, Cancer queens!


Roam free like the lioness you are in the continent of Africa! As a Leo vina, your highly admired and lavish lifestyle deserves a getaway to the Moroccan desert in the city of Marrakesh. The gold-plated culture is sure to spark the royalty in you! Leo ruled by the Sun, this center-of-the-Universe vina is witty, creative and magnetic. And though your sign is labelled to be the most dominate and masculine of the zodiac signs, there is nothing wrong with a woman who knows exactly what she wants. So embrace your way through this imperial city by shopping till you drop in the enchanting souks, spending a night in a traditional riad and taking a camel ride through the Sahara. This fiery city was made for our fire element vinas.



The Virgo goddesses are much more than what they appear. Often considered meticulous, cautious and conservative, this sign is actually full of adventure and insightful intuition. So let your vina Virgo budget your next getaway (these ladies are great with money) to Barcelona! With Virgo’s strong attention to detail, the best way for them to explore this architectural city is on foot, which gives these earthy artistic gals time to enjoy the wonders. Antoni Gaudí’s organic mosaic-patterned and nature-influenced constructions are a must-see (check out Casa Batlló virtual tour here) and for a day of relaxation, head to the beaches on Costa Brava, where you will find your crystal-clear water paradise surrounded by stress-free nature. Stroll around, get lost (for once, dear Virgo) and make room for your food because Barcelona is one of the world’s best cities when it comes to eating and drinking!


Another child of Venus, Libras are known as charming, peaceful and fair. Just like their Taurus sisters, they have a love for beauty and art. What better getaway than to the country where every female is greeted by the word, “bella!” Fine dining, fine art, fine-luxury: Italy it is! With the gift of communication, sociable nature and passion for cultural trends, this Libra vina will enjoy a scenic train ride through the Italian countryside, sunbathing under the Tuscan sky drinking a glass of vino and enjoying eloquently made food. With so much beauty to see, you might as well rent a car and cruise your way around. Start in the historic city of Florence and feed your artistic needs and then head to the Amalfi coast to indulge in serenity and beauty. Italy is the perfect place for all Libra desires.


For our exotic and esoteric babes, we bring you Bali. An island that is just as intense as our Scorpios, yet rooted in meditation and personal growth practices and beliefs, this place is perfect for these deeper-than-the-sea thinkers. Scorpios, being the sign of life, death and resurrection, are known to live in cycles and constantly reinvent themselves. Bali gives these vinas a chance to delve deep within themselves, all while being surrounded by magical jungles, ancient temples, and tranquil seascapes for your spiritual needs. So when it comes to travel, this high-energy vina is sure to want to explore every nook and cranny. Be sure to take a ride on the great bali swing and don’t forget to try some of the authentic food!


Inspiring, optimistic, and enthusiastic, these girls just wanna have fun! Nothing is ever off-limits for Sagittarius’. So. . . ROAD TRIP USA! There’s so much to do and so much to see in the states, coming and going to whichever location. Saggs, being slightly impulsive with a natural curious nature– you might as well start cruising and get lost on the open road! From the tropical keys to New England’s autumn leaves, all the way to the Pacific Northwest’s dreamy rainforest- there are sights to be seen! If you’re looking for the coolest, vintage styled photos, I highly recommend Route 66 for their old hotels and diners. Make your way through the Wild West and get lost in the spiritual realm of Sedona, Arizona or hit Coachella County for some fun in the blistering sun. End your spectacular getaway on Sunset Boulevard in Santa Monica. Take in all that the U.S.A. has to offer!



These #girlbosses work hard and are never willing to take a break. Caps, we love you, but you need to go easy on yourself and treat yourself to the getaway of your dreams in Iceland. Quaint and beautiful-a lot like yourself- Iceland is the place to experience the great outdoors and embrace all of the nature around you. Get your adrenaline pumping by taking a ride on an all-terrain vehicle (ATVs) which is a great way to explore the black-sand beaches of the South Coast. Enjoy fresh, locally-grown food year-round thanks to geothermal energy, and of course, grab yourself a spiked hot-chocolate and cozy blanket, because you’re not going to want to miss the wonders of the Northern Lights (best seen between the months of September to April). Let down your guard and float away in this beautiful paradise of the Blue Lagoon. Take this time to rejuvenate your senses and get connected with nature, Capricorns.


Brilliant, passionate and charming, this Aquarian goddess is on a mission to change the world! Or at least learn as much as she can about it. Full of creative ideas and wisdom, our Aquarius ladies should take their intellectual-selves to the philosophical country of Greece. Not wanting to stay in one place for too long, we recommend for this trip to explore as much of this picturesque islands as possible. Start in the historical and Godly realm of Athens and learn about the Goddess Athena and all of her wits and wisdom, a lot like our Aquarian ladies! If you’re into more of a exotic scenery, head off to Santorini and it’s heavenly Architecture. This white-washed, blue-domed island town is right out of a fairytale. Lastly, end in Mykonos and enjoy all of the beauty that this amazing island has in store for you. This city might just make you fall in love!


Our sensual and romantic mermaids are in for a treat with the next destination: New Zealand. A land that has a little something for everyone-sort of like our Pisces who inhabit a bit of each zodiac sign within, being that they are the last of the signs- New Zealand is the perfect mix of everything. With wide-open land to complete the sea around it, New Zealand is pretty extreme for our gentle Pisces. But, what some may not know is that Pisces are very curious beings with a passion for new experiences. New Zealand takes Pisces on an adventure through oceanic-blue wonders filled with water sports for our sea lovers and majestic caves that glow in the dark (Waitomo Cave) where you can then take time to stargaze in New Zealand’s said to be the darkest of skies for our mystic babes. Surf the waves or snowboard the slopes! With so much to do, you might find yourself wanting to become a “kiwi,” or New Zealand local, yourself!


So, let your stars align with the sky and go on an adventure of a lifetime–you never know what is waiting for you!

Start swiping to find your true zodiac match!

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