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It's never been easier to find new friends who live like you live and like what you like!

We know you’re already loving making Plans and new VIP features that we recently released on Hey! VINA, but have you checked out all the cool AF new communities that are waiting for you? We listened all our vinas, just like you, about the communities they wanted to see and 🥁🥁 please. . . so meet the 15 new communities!

No matter what you’re currently loving, your relaysh status, or what you’re going through right now in your life, we’ve got your girl gang waiting for you right here in one of these amazing communities.

So how do you find these girls? In your card deck, see the top bar text where it says VINA? Tap that and the whole list of communities will pop up! Select the one you want and start swiping in that specific community. You can also join and edit your communities by going to your profile, scrolling down, seeing “my communities” and choosing them there.

Check out the new communities and start joining!

art and design


Are you a graphic designer, an illustrator, or are spending your weekend on art projects? Get inspired with these vinas who care about aesthetic as much as you do! Plan a paint & sip night, throw some clay, collab on a creative idea, or whatever ASAP with your new tribe. 🎨🍷

Beyond getting this community on the request line, I wanted to create the Artist & Designers Community because as a creative person, I found myself wishing that I had friends who wanted to spend a Saturday simultaneously working on our art. While we didn’t necessarily need to do the same thing or collab or give feedback, it’s just nice to sit in the company of others who are also vibing to the music.

DIVORCEES broken heart

Exes and Os: these vinas have a lot to talk about! If you are looking for a girl gang to connect with about your relationship split, this community is full of vinas waiting for you. Relate with other badass babes about your divorce and find a new, empowering love. 💕

I’ve added a divorcees community to VINA for a very important personal reason… I recently got divorced. And it was a life altering experience as much as I LOVE my amazing supportive vinas, most of them are single, engaged, or happily married. To have my marriage fall apart and not have anyone who could relate to the crushing feelings was really isolating. I was wishing there was a way to meet other women who had been though this… so here we are…. let’s meet and heal our hearts together!

NEW MOMS building blocks

Meet new mamas in your ‘hood! This community of new zombies moms is what you need if you just had a baby and are looking for all the support you can get during those 3 am feedings. Make an open plan to go on a weekly walk, or host your first play date, or have a moms’ night out. Mom life is hard, but with a tribe on your side, you totally GOT this, mama. 🍼

Our new Director of Content, Brittany Galla, and a lot of my friends are new moms. It’s been really inspiring for me to learn about how isolating and how VINA has and could help even more. So here’s to you incredible women turned incredible moms +++ hope you can grow your village.

CANCER SURVIVORS cancer ribbon

Join this brave community of fighters! If you want to meet vinas around your area who survived the same battle you did, look no further than this community. You just climbed one of the toughest life mountains—share your journey with other vinas who get it. 👭

Going though cancer is intense AF. I recently stayed with an incredible woman who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and was going through chemotherapy, her strength and her poise and her confidence in the face of a crisis, and she was such an inspiration to me. I saw she was missing something though, a network of other strong women who have *felt* what she’s felt. We recently had an incredible group of vinas reach out about their cancer campcancer camp, and we sent them VINA tees!


Veggies and vinas—what could be better? Plan a cooking night and indulge in only the best homemade vegetarian vina treats… or exploring all the vegan spots in your town. P.S. share your recipes with the rest of us!🥕🥑

This community is also personally special to me… I actually grew up vegetarian and have spent many years of my adult life livin’ the plant based life! I always felt like the odd one out ordering dinner… and my omnivore friends were always SO concerned that I was going to be able to find something to eat. But everything changed when I found a fellow vegan vina! My vegan bestie and I had fun seeking out all the secret vegan foods of the city, and baking vegan things… and not getting asked, “how are you going to get your protein?!” 😉 So, I hope you are able to find yours and build plant posse!!


Get to know purr-fect vinas like you! Connect with fellow feline-lovers in your area ASAP. Take some photos of you, your vina and your adorable kitties and tag @vinazine for a shoutout on our Instagram! 😻😻

I have to admit… I have been known to show people photos of my cat on vina dates!! There’s a special bond we have with our kitties, and us cat mammas need to hang together! Netflix and cats anyone??

ENAGAGED engagement ring

Your SO put a ring on it—let the planning begin! Meet other vinas who are stalking Pinterest and Insta for wedding inspo as much as you are… debate bridesmaid dresses and centerpieces and laugh about your bridezilla moments (that you totally can’t confess to your parents or friends that you know you’re being one!). Who knows, someone in your new tribe could end up introducing you to the best wedding photographer or DJ. Score! 💍

GAMER GIRLS game controller

Have a stack of two player games at home? Ready to build your team?? Vinas who play together, stay together! Get gaming with the coolest vinas in your area and teach each other all the tricks of your trade. Play away, vinas. 👊🏼

Studies show that playing games together actually makes us feel closer!

MARRIED gold rings

Who else is up for double dating? Find a tribe of married women in your community and set up fun group date ideas: Trivia night, movie night, sports night. Meet cool couples in your area and thank us later! 👰🏽👰🏻

I was the first of my close friends to get married, and suddenly it felt weird. I loved my single girls, but I was feeling guilty about leaving my hubby out of all the social activities that were “girls night.” We wanted to double date, but didn’t have a way of meeting other young married folks like us. So heyyyy Married Community! We’ve had great stories of couples becoming friends thanks to Hey! VINA, and that just makes us doubly happy.


Break out a sweat with these vinas in your area. Plan gym dates, hit up Barre or get lifting! Find vinas who are passionate about living an active lifestyle and share your fave workouts with each other.

When you need to find someone to go to an exercise class with… nuff said!


Winter is coming, time for hygge and vinas night in! Meet friends who are also all about JOMO.  You don’t even have to leave the house to meet your new BFFs–what’s better than that?!

MARY JANES marijuana leaf

Meet other pro-cannabis gals in this community of 420-friendly vinas. Puff, puff and pass while you connect with the good vibes of these vinas.

We’ve been getting SOOO many requests for this! So here it is! It’s been great to see a movement of women who medically or recreationally partake (whatever is legal where you live!) find their tribes on vina. So pack the snacks and get ready to giggle.

PREGNANT positive preg test

A brand new chapter of your life is about to start—so connect with vinas who are also expecting! Exchange pediatrician info with one another, hit up a pregnancy class together, or compare your registry notes. Plan a vina date to pick out the cutest ~matching~ baby clothes ever! 👶🏻


FASHIONISTASshopping bags

Fashion blog, style, and shop ’til you drop with these vinas! Meet the trendsetters in your area and keep up with the latest styles together. Go shopping and find the cutest clothes for your wardrobe with your new fashion BFF. 🌟👑

FOODIES silverware

Hit up new restaurants with these vinas! Find your new fave foodie in your community and plan dates to all the best restaurants in town. Eat your way through the city with your vina by your side. 🍝🍔

If you haven’t already (I mean, why would you not?!) download the Hey! VINA app today and start joining the communities that speak to your soul!

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