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Your whole world could change with this simple advice!

You know what happens when you go to the supermarket without a shopping list? You begin buying everything down every aisle. Sure there are some things that you need, but there are also a lot of things that you don’t. That’s how you can think of each month. Set a monthly goal of what you want so that you don’t enter the month putting random things put in your basket, so to speak.

My favorite intention goes like this: “It’s Going to Be a Good Month.” I am declaring that I will only have a good month. I am affirming that I am accepting nothing less, and that I want nothing less from the universe. When you put those words out into the universe, you are letting the positive energy flow out and then back to you. Like attracts like, so sending positive vibes is essential.


The biggest question I get is, “what is an intention?” and “what is a positive intention?” An intention is a something that is planned, directed or aimed with purpose. An intention can be anything that is declared out loud or in our heads. This is the reason that we need to be very mindful when setting intentions. Using the incorrect word can set your intentions south. A positive intention is full of positive verbs, adverbs, and adjectives. It is something that is given a lot of thought and is full of purpose. It is a creation of what you truly desire in your heart and soul.



Creating a monthly intention does not have to be special or elaborate. In fact, creating your monthly intention slowly and deliberately is more meaningful. Taking the time to plan out how you would like to set your intention can be a beautiful and meditative action.

To get the ball rolling, decide what you want your intention to be. Start by thinking BIG! Money! Now after you have decided what you want to manifest with your intention, you can take bite-size pieces to break it down. How do you want to get your money? Work? Loan? Inheritance from a rich uncle you never met? By being specific in the smaller step, you can allow the universe to hear your intention specifically.

So, once you have your intention specified, close your eyes and imagine it happening. Next write it on a piece of paper using your favorite pen. Take your time while visualizing your intention. Add whatever you feel called to add, a kiss, perfume, glitter, anything at all. Find a place that you would like to place your intention and as you go to put it there take a deep breath and give one final thought of your intention coming true and leave it alone.

Every vina has the power to manifest the month that she desires. Choosing your intention will get your month off to the start that you deserve. Beautiful things happen when you intentionally make an intention.

Have an intention to make more life-long vinas? Well, the universe is on your side and so is Hey! VINA. Get the app now and start swiping!

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