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35 is the new 25, right?

We all think we have life figured out by the time we hit young adulthood, but in reality, there is still so much more for us to do and accomplish. Our twenties were just the beginning! Being almost 22-years-old myself, I understand the joy of being an adult but also know the stresses that comes along with it. I especially know that many will agree with me that the 30’s seems far away, but could creep up on us any minute! (Unless you are already in your 30’s of course, then you are looking towards 40.)

No matter where you are in life, here are a few totally doable goals to aim for before turning 35.


While it may be daunting, moving out on your own brings confidence and independence that simply cannot be achieved while living with parents or family.  Not only can you explore your interior design skills and preferences, but you can host vina nights and have more fun with your vinas than ever before because there is NO ONE to tell you that you can’t! Most importantly though when you live alone, you truly know yourself.


This is a goal that can be reached at any age, but it is best to travel while still in young and able. Not only are you more equipped to handle that jet lag a bit better, but you also have plenty of time and freedom to explore whenever, wherever. Travel lets you experience new cultures and lifestyles which learning more about yourself. Traveling can bring new cultural understanding, as well as giving the experience necessary to view the world through a pair of eyes that see more than your own culture.



Many adults have trouble shaking the debt that they have accumulated over the years of their life, but it is a good goal to at least attempt to lessen student debt and loans by the time you reach 35. Even if the debt won’t budge, it is still possible to make sure that you have at least a monthly budget going along with a substantial emergency fund built up in case of any troubles. Part of being financially stable means that your budget allows for paying all of your bills as well as being able to put money into your savings (AKA emergency fund). This emergency fund would ideally have 2-3 months worth of rent, bills, and whatever other expenses you may need. If you can’t afford that, don’t worry because some money put away is better than none.


Besides those three main goals, there are plenty more that you should strive for. These include having at least one adult relationship, being a mentor to someone in need of guidance, mastering home cooking, learning your body and it’s health needs and the list goes on. Don’t forget to have fun along the way! Life is an adventure–make the most of it!

No matter your goal or your age, there is always a vina waiting for you! 


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  1. Wow, the email linking to this article called it a “bucket list.” I am 34 years old. Thank you for making me feel like I’m at death’s door. Seriously, be more sensitive. UNSUBSCRIBE.


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