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A guide to shedding negativity and having good vibes only!

There are many things we come to discover as we grow from young girls to full-grown, fierce vina women. We discover how astonishingly beautiful and awe-inspiring life can be as we conquer the world. But we also notice that with that beauty comes something twice as powerful: negativity.

We have all experienced negativity in some way, whether it be used against us or used by us. Negativity rules a large part of our lives–especially with the dawn of social media and the culture-driven obsession with our own public image. It sits on our shoulders like a little red devil with pitchfork, whispering poisonous words in our ears and corrupting our minds.

The biggest challenge, believe it or not, isn’t avoiding negativity. Avoiding it wouldn’t be dealing with the problem. To beat negativity you have to face it head on, look it in the eyes, and show it you’re not afraid.


The first step to beating negativity is finding the reason why it affects you the way it does. A lot of the time, negativity will prey on what we are most insecure about, the things that slink in the shadows of the night. If you come to terms with these and claim them, negativity can’t use them as fuel.

The next step to beating negativity is to use it to your advantage. That is not at all to say you should use it on other people for any type of gain, rather, use it on yourself. The thing about life is that it requires balance. All things in life circle one another, like koi fish in a pond: life and death, good and evil, positivity and negativity. Each one requires the other and the key to mastery is balance between the opposing forces. Take the negatives and you use them to better yourself, use them to create your own positivity.

While getting rid of negativity is an extremely personal experience and is different for everyone, there is one last step you should consider on your journey. Stay with me here, because this is the hardest one. Take. A. Deep. Breath. That’s it. Fill your lungs to the point that they feel like bursting and let it all back out–the negativity will leave with it. Imagine shedding a thick, oversized robe that you can’t help but step on when you walk. Negativity doesn’t own you. Only you own you. So take a deep breath and let the negativity slither away back to the shadows, look at the sky, feel the sun on your face, and keep moving forward.

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