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Surprise your vina with these sweet treats!

Creating a care package can be a daunting task and creating the perfect care package is nearly impossible. If you’re like me, you harbor a fair amount of anxiety surrounding gift-giving. I’m always wondering if the recipient will like their gift, love their gift, or *gasp* re-gift their gift. That’s why I set out to conquer my fears and create the perfect care package for my vina who lives across the country.


Let’s begin with our intended recipient. Jovanni is an impossibly chic and modern vina with impeccable style and a penchant for purple hair (no seriously, she’s a beauty guru who had been dying her hair purple since she was a teen). She is a picky eater who’s recently gone vegan, loves the outdoors and the color black (from 80% of her wardrobe to #blackgirlmagic to bold black walls in her new apartment). As you can imagine, shopping for someone with great but particular taste is difficult. However as I was shopping for her, a theme began to emerge: black, minimal, mixed metals. Hmm. . . maybe this was going to be easier than I thought!


In order to save money, I decided to “zhuzh” up an old shoebox rather than purchase one. I covered the top and inside of my shoebox with black craft paper to give it a uniform look. Using a metallic silver marker, I wrote a sweet message on the inside of the box. I made my own shredded paper for a professional touch. I ran black, gold, and silver tissue and construction paper through my shredder. For any of you trying at home, I recommend using construction paper, as it provided more volume and didn’t jam my shredder like the tissue paper did.

Now with my pretty filler in the box, I was ready to assemble!


I started with a marble toothbrush holder I found at Target for $5.16. A toothbrush holder may seem like an odd choice, but this piece fit the overall aesthetic. I styled it as a pen holder and filled it with a set of three black and white graphic pens for $3.99. This piece could be used as it was intended as a pen holder or could be flipped upside-down as a bracelet holder or even used as a succulent pot. A good tip for building your care package is to find pieces that have multiple functions. Be creative and remember you don’t have to stick to any rules!



Pairing like items with other items similar to them (for example pairing notebooks with pens) keeps the care package cohesive. My friend and I are both obsessed with stationery so I got her a notebook set from Marshalls for $2.99!


While rifling through the clearance section in Marshall’s, I found a Moscow Mule cocktail kit for $6.00! This little baby is normally sold for $24, but since the tin was a little dented it was reduced. What made this deal even sweeter is that the Moscow Mule is one of my vina’s favorite cocktails!



I found some black metal tins with a magnetic back at the Target Dollar Spot for $1 each! She loves to cook and could use them in her kitchen to store spices, at her desk to store paperclips, or even in her bathroom to store beauty supplies! When including some sort of container, make it extra special by filling it with something that your vina loves. Jovanni cannot resist a good midi ring, and I found this trio (in my color palette!) on sale for $2.99. I also added an anklet and a bow choker (she loves bows!) for $2.99 each. To save on my budget I could’ve filled these tins with her favorite candy instead.


Speaking of candy, I wanted to include a sweet treat for my vina so I purchased her favorite vegan brownie from Whole Foods for $2.39. I wrapped the brownie in parchment paper and plastic wrap sealed with a “Namaslay” sticker I already owned. The sticker adds a cute touch to the packaging and happens to be very appropriate for my vina’s lifestyle as she is a yoga junkie. And she also slays. Duh.


Ok vinas, it’s time for the finishing touch, the piece de resistance! That’s right, it’s time for the fairy lights. I picked up a pack at Target with gold picture clips for $7.99. Using tape I draped the fairy lights in a diagonal pattern across the lid of the box and clipped in some of my favorite photos of us. I ordered prints from Walgreens for $1.95. Not only do the fairy lights serve as bonus decor for my care package, but she’ll be able to use them in a multitude of ways. She has a new apartment to decorate after all!

Sending your vina a care package reminds her of how much you love her and how special she is to you. I hope you have as much fun making a care package as I did!

Care packages are a great and personal way to remind a vina that you’re thinking of them. Connect with a new vina today! 




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